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I would rather take care and raise my children myself.
a service from USPS
I've sent a few items to the UAE. Never had a problem. I generally feel OK shipping internationally if the buyer has decent feedback (except i won't ship to countries like Ukraine or most of Africa)
My guess is to try and shift the blame to somebody else and not show his own weaknesses. Instead of saying, 'hey, we kidnapped these two people and their leader came and fucked us up" he says "one of our own (merle) snuck behind our backs."
Probably not that hard. It seems that only the makeshift walls made from tires etc at the street are guarded. Presumably the other sides are brick walls/buildings. While a walker could not climb a 10 foot building, a group of 4 could.My biggest question is how in the hell did this new group of people survive this long?First, they do not seem well equipped. I did not see one gun. They had a hammer and shovel. Second, they did not seem very hardened and prepared for this new...
How high are you wearing your pants? If you wear them high at your natural waist, then yes, a 29" waist will be large. I myself am very slim. I purchased some Levi's Sta-Prest skinny pants in a variety of colors (grey, navy, red) a while ago. I normally get a 30x34 and the 30x34 in this brand was very small. A 28 or 29 would probably work for you.
Maybe nobody has any fashion sense. All crappy suits will be notch because they are cheaper to make
You are the copyright holder. You took the pictures, therefore, you are the author. A copyright was created the moment the picture was created in a tangible form (saved as electronic file on your memory card).
I would 1. Mutually cancel the transaction through Ebay. You will get a FVF if he agrees to cancel, which sounds like he will. 2. Do a second chance offer on the item immediately. The longer you wait the less likely the buyer will buy.
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