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Still available
Copenhagan is the most tailored fit.
Yes. I picked up some shoes the holidays before last. I want to say it was 30-40% off with a bonus 15% or so with a certain payment method (mastercard)
That is not the slimmest cut. Go to the website. It describes all the cuts.
11/14 here and nothing yet. First world problems are frustrating.
The new iphone costs 649(700 with tax) without a subsidy. It is clear you don't know how the cellular industry works
Decent quality for the price (when on sale). I've picked up MTM 1818 suits for 800 and Allen Edmonds for BB for 200. I probably would not have paid full prices.
16gb white iPhone 4 for Verizon. Works perfectly. In near perfect condition. No screen scratches. Only a couple faint scratches on the back glass. Original box and paperwork included. Also comes with headphones, usb charging cable, and usb charger. Also includes clear plastic Belkin case. 199 shipped.
I would fire your company instantly if I was the client and you walked into a meeting wearing that suit. Honest answer, nobody really cares what suit you wear. If you like it, wear it.
Did you ever get a shipping email? I'm sitting on 6 days without even a shipment update email.
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