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Thanks for helping out. I haven't been here in a long while.
Has anyone ever tried either the Slim Fit or Cigarette Fit jeans from DSTLD and, if so, how is the state of the rise for you guys? Are they perfectly fine for tucking shirts in should the spirit move you?
Has anyone here ever tried the Slim Fit and 'Cigarette' fit ranged of DSTLD jeans, and if so, are you satisfied with the rises in each variant? They currently advertise a mid rise in their slim fits and I assume that it's the same for the Cigarette range. Mind you, I already own two Cigarette jeans and could not be more satisfied with how they flatter my Pocky stick-lower legs, but I get the sinking feeling that they may not work well when I want to tuck something in.
I am a big fan of a 1960s West Coast/Surfer look and M.Nii's range of t-shirts fit my specifications very well. Pairing one with khaki-colored or stone-colored twill jeans & Vans Originals is such a divine image in my head. Problem is, the shirts are a bit out of my price range (not really keen on paying $55-$75 for one tee) and there's not a lot of brands that are conducive to the look I want to go for, at least not from where I can see. Does anyone out there know of a...
The majority of it is nice, save for the inconsistency in cuff length. I have no clue if it's the suit arms or the shirt arms, but it's there.
I honestly can't help staring in awe over the picture of your tab collar shirt, which leads me to ask if you already have plans to do the same thing with a club collar.
Hypothetically, let's say I had a reasonably priced pair of leather uppers that I love to death, but I find the rubber soles on them to be a damper on what can be a quality pair of shoes; would it be possible to have a cobbler replace the rubber with a full, generic leather sole to up it's aesthetic value? (Sorry if this comes off as a novice question, I still have a long way to go style-wise)
Get Smart, what is your opinion on the higher button rise look for two button suits as opposed to three-button and are you inclined to offer the option?
This is a pretty asinine question and I'm sure you get this a lot, but aside from frogmouth pocketing, do you offer any 'jetted' side pockets for suit pants to avoid any problems of 'pocket ears'?
I am not embarrassed to say that I have a fetish for the recent Levis Vintage Clothing 1960s striped tee (seen above) because of its classically simple look that's firmly entrenched in early-to-mid 60s Ivy League/Surfer. As I'm more into the classic Ivy League/British 'Modernist' look of that era, I'm presently invested in stocking up on shirts with that style during the season. Problem is that 1) the actual shirt itself is well outside my price range and 2) there aren't...
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