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pm sent on the 10/10.5
So how did the dinner suit turn out? I ask because I am in the middle of commissioning the same thing with Chan right now, minus the waist coat. How did the fabric turn out for you? Cheers, Hoya
Bump for a great seller. Picked up the Elmsleys ... they arrived this morning. Very easy transaction. Cheers, Hoya
I knwo the folks here seem to have a love-hate relationship with Tom Ford clothing. Personally, I like his suits. I've had the opportunity to try a few on and, while they can be a bit flashy at times, I like they way they look. In any event, I was at the Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner over the weekend and was chatting with my sales associate about the Tom Ford suits they had in stock. He mentioned that they were selling fairly well, and that the store was getting a...
Can you tell me approximately how many times these shoes have been worn? And for each wearing, what was the approximate duration? Oh, and please include the distance traveled, along with the surface (concrete sidewalk, indoor carpeting, etc). I'm interested in purchasing the shoes, but I need more information on the sole mileage. Regards, Hoya
FYI, guys ... if you missed his sale they're on GILT right now for $648 in a decent size range. Hoya
For the first pair, how are they marked on the inside of the shoe? 10/10.5e? Oh, and are they also listed on eBay? cheers!
Hey guys, so here's the situation. I purchased this beautiful pair of loafers from a week or so ago. I pulled them out of the box, wore them around the house for an afternoon and then on to work the next day. Since that time, I've decided they don't fit as well as I'd like and that I need to come to grips with the fact that I'm a 10.5 and not an 11. The shoes are new, and include box and bags. The soles show minor scuffs from the one day I walked...
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher By the time we were going to buy them they had already sold all the oxfords and only loafers were left so we passed... but I'm sure we'll have another opportunity in the future. Now we're working on some JL's. We also have an opp for Tom Ford - any interest there? Yes.
pm sent.
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