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What last are these on?
This is gold. Thanks for making me smile.
For sale is a new and unworn pair of Anthony Cleverley Finchley, UK 9.5 E. Comes in original box (slightly banged up) with lasted, hinged shoe trees and shoe bags. Price includes shipping within Europe.
That's where the toe stiffener ends, it's nothing unusual for a small crease to develop there. It's quite common for the toe stiffener to be a bit shorter than the toecap. It's even more pronounced on Vass shoes, who by convention use shorter stiffeners.
Well, I'm just relaying what I've been able to gather from here and there. The shoes are likely not made by EG as they lack certain of their features such as the elongated heel stiffener. I don't see which circumstances are "improbable" among those I've listed above - the soles, for example, have a softly rolling waist which looks neither like C&J Handgrade nor EG. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.
From what I gather, AC is (partially) made in the C&J factory under the supervision (and possibly being partially made by) Cleverley staff. The shoes are constructed to a much higher standard than even Handgrade C&J –vastly superior leather (I think – but am not sure – that they are actually bespoke-grade uppers, closed elsewhere), better attention to details, completely different soles. The soles are not reminiscent of anything else C&J puts out, so the sole finishing may...
I thought it was simply called a pitched heel, no?
Just thought I'd drop these here, since SF is near-devoid of Anthony Cleverley. Just got these today from Leather Soul. It's the Finchley in burgundy. I'm very happy with how the shoes turned out, it's my first foray into AC territory. Of all the RTW shoes I've seen, I'd say this is the neatest make, rivalled only by EG TD.
Classical leather shoes will never be as comfortable as, say, Nike Air runners. There aren't any natural materials that can give that level of cushioning. Moreover, the uppers of sneakers and runners are often padded which creates the illusion of a good fit, while in reality you're sticking your foot into a generically-shaped cushion. Classical shoes by contrast offer little or no padding as they are supposed to closely match the shape of the foot. The fact that almost...
I have the exact same experience. Of the C&J shoes I have owned or tried on, most all of them suffer from a low and wide heel area which increases heel slippage. My best-fitting C&J are my Connaughts (236 last), but after 3 years of hard wear they still have som heel slippage in them, countered only by the supreme fit over the forefoot. Carmina Simpson has the same issue. Heel-fit-wise, my Loake Aldwychs are much better by comparison, comparable to my EG Dovers.
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