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anybody know if its still possible to locate the blackwatch flannel? its gone from webshop.. will SF store have it? or are they long gone?
Up for sale is a pair of "beige" Uniqlo perfect shape flat front chinos in a size 31. Brand new with tags still on them, purchased from Uniqlo HK for the equivalent of $50 USD Like all of my other B&S listings, lost too much weight, and now I'm selling all my clothes that are too big Nice slim fitting pants similar to Alpha Khakis with a nice taper, great Uniqlo quality for the price They are tagged as a 31 (79cm x 85cm) Measurements: Waist 32 inches Thigh 11 inches Knee...
Up for sale is a grey J. Crew workshirt in a medium. I can probably count on one hand how many times I've worn this shirt, but like the rest of the clothes I've been putting up in B&S it's way too big for me now that I've lost weight. Awesome detailing on the shirt with the grey pattern. No flaws whatsoever in the shirt... Size Medium Measurements: P2P 21 inches Shoulder to shoulder 18.5 inches Paid $60 + tax/shipping when it was on sale on the J. Crew website.. my...
Sorry for more sizing questions, but if I wear a Medium in Slim merino cardigans at J Crew and smalls in regular fit sweaters at J Crew, and also smalls in EFM Cardigans at Uniqlo, what size should I be looking at for merino v necks from Club Monaco? Thanks!!! Grenson is having a winter sale. Anybody know if this sale will be extended to the U.S.? Because the UK website won't let me order to the U.S... 140 quid for a pair of freds is pretty enticing.
I only sno sealed my boots so far, haven't oiled them yet, so I'm guessing I should definitely pick some up soon. What brand would be the best without any of the bad stuff? Filson boot oil good? Anything better/cheaper? Not really trying to skimp, but just weighing out my options. Thanks!!! edit: sorry guys, I'm terrible at searching... found some recommendations in the thread, so I guess I'll be going with the filson boot oil!
yeah, wondering the same thing... thinking about if i should order the long branches now or if i should wait for some deals
Does anybody know how much the long branches are at the outlet? And also, I've never really tried on allen edmonds... If I'm a 9.5D in Wolverine 1ks, what should I get in the Long Branches? A 9.5D or 10D?
if i wear a small oxford from uniqlo and it fits me perfectly, should i also get the small efm cardigans?
Can I get a PM with pricing Tan Cronmoks in a 9.5D, Walnut McAllisters in 9.5D, and Walnut Daltons in a 9.5D?
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