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Doesn't snow, not cold I find wearing any of my winter clothes for Japan in Canberra way too hot.
Cool. I'll just use TT Fashion.I have my Japan suits (that is, very slim cut) and I am looking for more of a 'western' modern cut. Can't really wear my Japan suits in Australia Once I get my MJ suits, I'll be posting up photos of all of the fits to see what modifications I need done.Does anyone know if suitshop do MTM shirts?
I'm considering just buying my suit from MJ Bale and getting any adjustments done at TT Fashion or Looksmart alterations. I've read in this thread a few times that people go to looksmart alterations to get adjustments done. Is this because they're all good, or just the one in Sydney/Melb CBD? (TT Fashion are in Canberra and seems to be a highly thought of store).
I'm in need of a Tux. I'll be going to a few functions this year and next year that require a Tux. So I'd like something nice, but not overly expensive. I don't really like the look of the options available from MJ Bale and don't really want to spend more than $900 for the tux (pants+jacket). Any suggestions of other places to look? Prefer to try it on. Online only/US/UK stores are a no go. edit: Forgot to mention, RM Williams shoes (not boots), whats the quality like?...
Good Afternoon everyone, Does anyone have any recommendations for men's hair salons in Tokyo or Osaka? I'm 'white', light brown hair, so somewhere with a bit of experience with foreigners with minimal Japanese. Happy to travel outside of these prefectures for a good place! Also, any recommendations on style. I spend most of my time in the Law/Finance/Security industry, so on the more conservative side, but I'm high up enough to get away with something more out...
Thank you sir. I will have a look, but not expect to do any buying. Will get some from the UK when I get a chance.
Have been and will continue to be.Getting the GF to fit in with the Japanese girls while we're there.Nice.
Are there any shoe brands one would recommend to buy while in Japan? Or is it just the Euro brands?
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