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That's good to know. I'll have to try it with a non-Inglese shirt first however. In Omaha, we have alterationists rather than tailors and I'd hate for something simple like that to get botched.
From what I gather shortening Inglese sleeves can get tricky and I imagine its success depends on the competence of your tailor. If you do it at the cuff, you risk really shortening the sleeve placket. If you do it from the shoulder, you're dealing with quite a bit of handiwork that could be messed up. I have seemingly short arms and Inglese shirts are a little long on me. An easy solution that I use is to move the cuff button in to make the cuff a little tighter so...
Some nice ties for sale. All are barely worn in near mint condition with no pulls, stains, etc. All are standard length. Price includes CONUS shipping. Int'l friends PM me for quote. Discounts for multiples. First to pay gets and payment via paypal only. From left to right: 1) Drakes: 100% cashmere, staple navy, 3.125" wide 2) Panta: Cobalt blue neat, very dry hand, 3.125" wide 3) Drakes: Light blue and white stripes 3.25" wide $50 4) Sam Hober: Gray with blue...
Tha'ts what I figured. For some reason I had April in my mind, but not sure where I heard that.
Greg, Do we have a ETA on the S/S Formosa pre-orders from back in January? Thanks.
Team Navy here. Also part of Team Forgot To Write Size In Box, but got that cleared up via email.
To chime in re: wearing a parka to work - I do it when the weather turns to shit. Here's an OSC Cross parka that I picked up from Epaulet - I love this thing. It's warm, comfortable, and certainly not Michelin Man puffy and it's long enough to wear a suit jacket or sport coat underneath.I am wearing a suit in the picture. With that, I do concur that a good overcoat should be part of the winter rotation as well. [[SPOILER]]
Pulled this from an email:Please note that our Enzo Bonafé MTO Promo ends on January 31, 16.00 CET (4 a.m).Edit: It was pointed out that while it says 16:00, it also says AM, so I guess I am not sure.
I am def. in on the Carmina suede boot. (Also made first Skoak purchase earlier today with a EB MTO).
This might be better suited for the Vass appreciation thread, but do you guys go with the same size in F and U lasts? What I believe to be my correct size in the F last - a 42 - is borderline tight in the toe box.
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