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Length BOC: 30.5"Shoulders rear seam to seam: 18.75"Chest pit to pit: 22.5"Waist between lower two buttons: 21.5Sleeves: 25" note that they are unfinished so they can of course be shortened as much as possible. I think they were close to 26" initially.Hope this helps.Steve
Just rec'd my EB MTO from January. They look wonderful, but holy cow, these things are enormous. Perhaps it's to accommodate a wider foot, but it feels about a full size longer than Carmina's rain last. For reference these are on the 2102/B last. [[SPOILER]]
My NMWA gear on a rainy morning:FormosaIngleseDrakesMaglia Francesco [[SPOILER]]
Hi guize, Hopsack navy odd jacket with hopsack odd trousers (gray or tan)? Yay/Nay? Is that too much of the same texture?
We can choose our method of shipping, correct? For all the BS I read about Fedex with customs, etc, it seems like a no-brainer to pay the extra for USPS.
Long story short, I need a "wide" in the F last. Standard width doesn't work for me. So I am passing on a gently and infrequently worn pair Vass punch captoes in antique cognac. Standard width F last, size 42. Shoes are in excellent condition. I am not the original owner but bought these with minimal wear and didn't add much mileage. Always treed and cared for with Saphir. Shoes come with lasted trees but no bags or original box. $275 shipped CONUS. Will listen to...
I have the linen popover. No need for dry clean only. If you want to be safe, you could hand wash and hang dry. I have actually put mine through the washer and dryer multiple times.
FormosaCamoshitaIngleseDrakes(also C&J) [[SPOILER]]
Rec'd this today. I think I need about three more. While it's not a Jessica, is my signed card considered rare and collectible!? [[SPOILER]]
S'all good. If I didnt have that exact pair they'd be mine. The St. James II is such a great shoe. These beauties shouldn't last long at all.
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