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FormosaCamoshitaIngleseDrakes(also C&J) [[SPOILER]]
Rec'd this today. I think I need about three more. While it's not a Jessica, is my signed card considered rare and collectible!? [[SPOILER]]
S'all good. If I didnt have that exact pair they'd be mine. The St. James II is such a great shoe. These beauties shouldn't last long at all.
LOL. So true. And it definitely enables more pre-orders or MTOs as a result.
Rec'd my Formosa suit today (navy Harrison's nailhead). Wow - everything about this is great - the fabric, texture, fit. BTW, pre-order is definitely the way to go. Pay half then, pay half now, and not have to worry about sizing and stock. edit: Will post pics after a trip to the tailor.
FormosaIngleseCalabrese(Also Incotex and Vass) [[SPOILER]]
Just need to say that you guys really knock it out of the park with your mannequin make-ups! On many occasions, I have taken ideas from your jacket/shirt/tie combos. Also, details on that tie?
Oh my! Burgundy windowpane Cantarelli is sick. [[SPOILER]]
That's good to know. I'll have to try it with a non-Inglese shirt first however. In Omaha, we have alterationists rather than tailors and I'd hate for something simple like that to get botched.
From what I gather shortening Inglese sleeves can get tricky and I imagine its success depends on the competence of your tailor. If you do it at the cuff, you risk really shortening the sleeve placket. If you do it from the shoulder, you're dealing with quite a bit of handiwork that could be messed up. I have seemingly short arms and Inglese shirts are a little long on me. An easy solution that I use is to move the cuff button in to make the cuff a little tighter so...
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