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Been waiting for this beast to drop. And...kopped
I love the Eidos gun check. However, do you think it looks too similar to this SC which I currently own?(And I am jealous of all you who ordered the Formosa gun check. Damn that's sick.) [[SPOILER]]
^This- if you're clicking "Track Order" on a confirmation email from NMWA, you'll get the error. Where as if you login into your NMWA account, click order, then track, you should see the UPS info. At least that worked for me.
Damn! Look like the navy VI's are all out of stock. If it doesn't work for either of you, let me know.
Thanks guys. Yeah sorry Greg, I seemed to have left out that nugget of info when I PMed you. Too much booze. Order placed!
Hi guys - can you help a n00b with my first pair of Vass. Looking for some size guidance on these: On G&G TG73, I am a UK 8.5 E - fits great On C&J 348, I am a UK 8 E - fits well length wise but on occasion I get a little friction on my left pinky toe for some reason.. For AE I have always gone with a 9 D (medium) which has worked fine. I have a relatively low arched foot - but I don't think it's to the extent that it could cause discomfort as some have warned in this...
Awesome pics here and on your blog! I am loving that shepherd's check and the navy donegal!
OMG - this Eidos guncheck looks F-ing amazing. Will be on my kop list so look out fellow 52/54Rs! Can't wait to see the navy donegal jacket. http://instagram.com/p/sS1i9ODUws/
Been a non-participating lurker of this thread as of late because I have been adhering to a pretty strict clothing purchase ban. But I have to partake in the fun. Here are my five: EOTOTO Polo - this shirt just looks awesome and would be a little out of my comfort zone, which I like. Inglese light blue chambray shirt. Can you ever have enough Inglese? Blue Butteros. I have the brown leather Butteros and they're seriously the most complimented shoe/clothing item I...
Not the size you're looking for. Move along. GIFSoup
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