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It's SS - same one that others have posted. Got it at the end of the season on sale.
Eidos finally back from the tailor. I'd been looking for a jacket like this for quite some time. Brian and CB were both very helpful! Thanks guys.
Thanks guys!
Every now and again Yoox has a selection of Mazz, but I don't know how different/similar they are to the NMWA offerings. The simple solution is to become a full blown Inglese convert.
I have an amazing Partenopea sport coat for sale. It as close to "grail" as it gets for a gun check.Unaltered aside from swapping buttons and shortening the sleeves a hair, this is in near mint condition.Full canvas, fully lined, 3 r 2, dual vent, cream MOP buttons, completely unpadded shoulder, and made of 100% lambswool - very soft, wears almost like a sweater.Tagged a 52R and here are approx measurements:Chest: 22.5"Shoulders (rear seam to seam): 19"Length (BOC):...
Bought from Spoo about 6 months ago NWT, and worn very sparingly. I have since lost weight and it fits a little too large on me.It's an awesome dark gray blue color with a windowpane pattern and multi color donegal flecks. Nice and substantial, will keep you warm in the winter. Real horn buttons, wool and silk composition. It's got all of the fine details you've come to expect from Isaia.Approx measurements:Chest: 23"Shoulders: 19.25"Length: 32.25Paypal only. No...
Thanks for the compliments guys. As others will probably agree, Formosa is RTW that looks and feels like MTM. I just wish I owned more.Greg that is an interesting article on the barchetta pocket. The Formosa barchetta is definitely more pronounced and elegant than the pocket on other Italian jackets that I have.
Formosa Pow and Inglese light blue twill [[SPOILER]]
Ran home for lunch and found this beauty waiting for me. Can't wait to try it on. I am one that will definitely benefit from the longer body length.
Thank you - that is awesome news! Light blue twill kopped.
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