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This might be better suited for the Vass appreciation thread, but do you guys go with the same size in F and U lasts? What I believe to be my correct size in the F last - a 42 - is borderline tight in the toe box.
Again, thanks for the input fellas. I do think at some point I should get a pair in both a dark brown (chukka) and a lighter brown (oxford). Was just looking through the Vass pairs on NMWA. Murl, I am a 42 and actually do prefer the cap toe over the wingtip on the site.Skoak has a couple of nice Carminas too. The BE sale, is this only on select pairs and sizes? I got to the end of the checkout but didn't see any discount applied..and then got scared off.
I appreciate the feedback guys. In terms of brown suede, I'll check out some more versatile options. I'd been pondering a suede double monk and even a plain chukka boot as well.I have one pair of black captoes that haven't been worn more than once in the past year. I really think they're there solely for funerals or interviews. In any business dress occasion where black may be considered, I have always opted for burgundy in its place.
Hey guys. Pretty much all of my shoes would be considered sleeker and should be worn with suits. So I guess when I wear an odd jacket and pants, I am not doing it right! For non-suit, casual outfits, what do you think about these offerings from Panta? I like the chunkiness of these Budays and am thinking they could work well with a more casual outfit. I don't currently own anything suede, so that's a high priority right now and the whiskey shell is just awesome . ...
Thanks guys. Keen observation. It is a little snug as shown in the lapels. It's my normal Formosa size but I put on about 10 holiday lbs. As a result while it still works buttoned, I have worn it unbuttoned most of the day. I should be back down to my normal weight in a month or so.
@Murlsquirl God that birdseye is killer!Here's one for team Drapers hopsack. (Also Inglese and Drakes.) [[SPOILER]]
Sweet! Was having issues accessing the site due to the high traffic. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to pick up something now.
Soooo, what am I missing in regard to this double top secret probation sale email? I usually get them but not this time around.
Awesome outfit. I actually just rec'd my Drapers hopsack jacket today. Can't wait to be part of the club.
Thanks. I did see that original description, but I feel like it still leaves me uncertain as to whether I'll need a Regular or a Long in the Tenero. I'll see if I can get measurements from the retailer.
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