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SyleForum, appropriately enough. I started bicycle touring in Europe in college, then added an Italian steel race bike in 1998, triathlon bike in 2002, and mountain bike in 2003. All were production. By the time I decided that I needed a new road frame in 2009, I had acquired the bespoke clothing bug (thanks to SF) and started researching my options with bikes. I fell in love with multiple concepts/builders/objectives/aesthetics and commissioned several distinct frames...
Funny you thought that. Lee Miller is making my next pair of boots. Wait time: 4.5 years.
Bespoke by Dave Wheeler of Wheeler Boot Company, Houston. Elephant and cow hide. Vintage 2012 after 1.5 year wait.
Beautiful chromed lugs and chain/seat stays! That's a keeper.
That's newer and lighter than I had guessed. Well done. I'm also partial to Campy and have Super Record 11 on all three of my newer bikes. Eurus are great, all-purpose wheels. If you ever consider an upgrade, take a look at Hyperons. They're not only super light, they're also supremely comfortable and bullet-proof enough to have been used by riders during Paris Roubaix this year. My other wheels are Enve, box-rim DT Swiss builds, HED Belgiums (27mm), and the Eurus; the...
Based on incomplete memory of that Litespeed frameset and the Eurus wheel decals (which predate the 2002 Eurus on my one production frameset), I'm going to guess that this is a vintage 1999-2001 bike. True? With that tubing and those trusty wheels, your bike can give many more years of happy riding. Enjoy.
Now that the thread has been moved to parts I don't frequent, please PM me anytime you want to draw my attention back. I understand and can live with the mods' rationale for moving it, even though my intended audience was MC. It reached the right people while there.
Fillet brazing by Dave Kirk, former head frame builder at Serotta and one of the world's best, on my wife's bike:
(to F. Corbera) Please do share your Lemond frame. I'm a big fan of his, partly because of how he rode, and partly because of his contentious advocacy for clean cycling. Rebadged frames, like Lemond's Calfee, are some of the most interesting in the Tour's history. Here's a blurb from Cyclingnews about Miguel Indurain's Pegoretti: "1994 would be the last year the Tour de France was won on a steel bike, this time an Oria-tubed, TIG-welded machine badged as a Pinarello but...
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