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Now hold on just a minute. I can post a laptop with higher specs than a mac, no problem. The size and weight will be a problem, I'll give you that much. But we need to ask ourselves; what is most important when buying a laptop? The thinness and compactness or high-grade specs?High-grade specs for me please.
Actually, I grew up in Europe. Sixteen and over is actually the drinking age in most European countries, just like with smoking.
That is nice indeed. Mind telling us where that is exactly?
The minimum here is 16+.I can clearly remember my dad taking me out for a beer on my Sixteenth birthday. Sure, I wish it was at a local pub with a pool table of darts, instead of on the local supermarket's parking lot, but hey... I never complained once.
What I don't get: religion. Why: It's all based on pointless speculation. I don't want it, need it or even consider being part of it. It seems to be doing more bad than good.
I ordered relatively cheap Prada sunglasses, but I think the webshop nailed me on this one, as I think they might be fake. Does anyone know a way to check for sure?
f*ck it. I just uninstalled the game. I hardly understand it (I'm not the RPG type to begin with) and I don't want to waste my time on something that I might lose soon.
I still don't get it. Can anyone please explain to me why you would pay thousands of dollars for an Apple product when you could buy an even better product from some other manufacturer for like half the price?
And that actually made you happy?
Nothing beats their croissants.
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