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APC rescue should work! Or 501s will do - I like the vintage ones. Or for a more relaxed fit try PRPS - I have impala but I think you could get away with barracuda
Sorry who's wanting to get their watch noticed?
Franck Muller - this is a joke right?
Thanks for the kind words. The original watch being a pilot's watch was designed to be used with gloves,so this harks back to the original watch It makes for easy winding and IMO is one of the defining features of the big pilot
Hi Iroh,I have these two:One mechanical, one SD. The chrono on the SD was always going to be a bit busy, and I rather like the power reserve! PR do work well on some models - see my IWCs:If you need some advice, gimme a shout.
Great watches Iroh, I'm sure you won't go wrong with any GS - which one are you thinking of?. Infact I have 2 myself so if you want some close ups or info just give me a PM Kind Regards
Thanks for that comment Iroh, to each their own. Have you ever tried one on? Do you mind me asking what watches you own?Kind Regards
Thanks for the information guys. I think with many things shoe care will always be an area of much contention. I think I'll just order some saphir products and be done with it - any problems and I'll seek more advice but IMO I'd prefer to wear the damn things rather than spending all my free time reading pages of arguments! Thanks - and I feel privileged that I can be included in the study!
nope, just that after spending nearly £400 on shoes I want to treat them with care. If there are any precautions I can take I think it's reasonable to take them, hence my original question. Thanks
How would you guys protect your calf skin shoes before wearing them for the first time? How would you waterproof them? Any regimes people go through? thanks!
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