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Tres Bien has it in S,M,L as of now (along with the rest of their selection). It's a great piece, would probably get it if I didn't have too many coats already.. Go for it!
Ebay is also worth checking from time to time for Russels, I've bought three pairs through there, all at fair prices. Two of them I believe were directly from the Russell Moccasin factory ebay store. This was a couple years ago, not sure if it's still in operation. Great shoes though, still wear them a lot and they work really well with EG too..
I'm very late to the party this season.. been eyeing some things but only got the fatigue pants in cotton herringbone so far.. Who carries the over vest in navy/black fur this season? Preferrably in the EU. Looks so nice, and even better in the Brutus article.. Thanks for posting this btw @Knight
The Bureau Belfast has new stuff up now. (Can't get the link to work for some reason) Expedition jacket looks better this season I think. Kind of want one.. Then theres those hats too..
Really like this pattern. First garment this season I don't mind the elbow patches too. Can't justify another patterned shirt purchase right now though.. from here. oh, and that hat.. so nice!
Finally! Subscribed.
Nice tumblr @eluther Styling/correct sizing is the key to this piece I think.. good: Not so good:
Might be late on this but the FWK lookbok is up. Always nice to see. Anyone knows if there is a wider, straight model of pants releasing this season? I'm thinking something like the original USN ripstop pant (from SS11 I think?) or like the FW13 Long beach pants? I'm not really into the slimmer tapered look that most pants seem to have this and the last season.. Crossing fingers!
Very versatile fabric and colour for sure. The charles pant will get a ton of wear this coming season.Also curious about the navy pima USN, Pima cotton is usually great.Now I might have to justify another navy USN purchase..
I have the Charles pant in heather grey oxford. Great pants. Really nice summer weight fabric. think of it as a thicker, oxford shirting fabric. It's a little rough, feels a bit like linen almost (but it's 100% cotton of course).I own a lot of USN pants from previous seasons, not a big fan of the slimming down the last season or two. Can anyone comment on this seasons fit?
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