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I haven't tried on the crewneck, but I just got the gym hoodie and had to size up to an XL to get a comfortable fit. I'm usually a M in everything EG... Tried a L first but it was too short in the body.
Thanks! That's very helpful. Pulled the trigger on the hoodie from TBS pre-sale.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the gym hoodie or gym crew? Considering picking one up. They both look kind of slim and short in a lot of fit pics. Is sizing up recommended?
I don't know exactly, but these fit me perfect with the waist cinches unbuttoned, the mainline fatigues in M (and USN in 32) fits me perfect with the cinches buttoned.. I'm pretty sure the bureau has measurements on their site. They are usually more or less spot on.
So I received the NyCo ripstop Workaday Fatigues. Fabric is really nice, not too stiff considering the 50% nylon/50% cotton composition. It has a slight sheen to it (similar to the reversed high count sateen fabric previously used on the Mainline fatigues) I really like that. Fit is really good, straight, relaxed and not as huge as I had imagined. I should mention though, I am one of those grumpy "what happened to the old full-cut trousers EG?" persons. Sized down 1 to...
Thanks for the info @Shirts AndersonSounds like they could be either very very good or perhaps not so good...I have a pair on the way now so we'll see if they work out.In case they don't, does anyone know where I can find the regular cotton herringbone workaday fatigue in navy? Sz S.
The Bureau has their workaday specials up now (also a re-stock of the classic reversed sateen versions). Considering getting the NyCo ripstop fatigues. but 50% cotton 50% nylon..? Did EG use this fabric for trousers before? I know they used it on the field parka a few seasons ago. Can anyone comment on how the fabric feels?
Oh yes! Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2015 TRAVEL & SAFARI film by Manabu GAKU Inada. Couldn't figure out how to embed this clip so: http://vimeo.com/113402137
Tres Bien has it in S,M,L as of now (along with the rest of their selection). It's a great piece, would probably get it if I didn't have too many coats already.. Go for it!
Ebay is also worth checking from time to time for Russels, I've bought three pairs through there, all at fair prices. Two of them I believe were directly from the Russell Moccasin factory ebay store. This was a couple years ago, not sure if it's still in operation. Great shoes though, still wear them a lot and they work really well with EG too..
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