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I'm wearing a pair of the ST's in 29 right now and was in the same boat as you. First cold wash they shrunk noticeably through the leg (not much on inseam) and waist. Waist has stretched out a little, but not past original point. Thighs and seat stayed shrunk which was great for me. This is after at least a couple of months of nearly every day wear.
Oh and in general there's a great strip of restaurants on Randolph street in the west loop. Favorites of mine are Maude's and Avec. Also JP Graziano makes a mean sub if you're there around lunchtime.
There's a place called Bad Wolf Coffee a couple of L stops west of Wrigley. It's basically a one-man shop run by the ex-pastry chef of Schwa. I've never had anything less than amazing bread and pastries from there: the Kouign Amann and Caneles deserve special mention. Try to get there before lunch, stuff comes out of the oven between 10 and 11 and doesn't last long. It's mad casual, with metal band posters on the walls and only has a single high table to lean on.
I have a pair of Big John black Slim Tapereds, with the black/indigo/white threads. They've been worn almost daily for close to 3 months now, with one wash after I spilled coffee on them. So far the only noticeable fading is: -Some whiskering around the crotch, I think this is mainly from me crossing my legs a lot and the folded parts rubbing. Looks like ordinary whiskering, but white on black. No noticeable indigo. -Heavy outlining on the front pocket where I keep my...
Are these the standard ruri denim that Big John sell elsewhere? UO description is "gloss blue" and photos look a lot more saturated and lighter in color than pics elsewhere.
I asked for opinions on the Geller Canadian coat a while ago, when a few people suggested the wider body was not as weird as I thought at the time. Was about to head to the tailors with the intent to trim the body down a little when I thought another round of (much better quality) pictures might be in order. [[SPOILER]] The back of the shoulders look a bit large, but this might go away with an extra layer underneath. There's actually a size smaller still in stock at NMWA...
Does anybody know where I might find something similar to the New Standard cut that APC used about 3 years ago? I remember they switched up the sizing, and the inseam of the waist size I needed got too small. Have since tried a bunch of alternatives but never found something that fits me quite the same way.
iOS 8.1 & Safari this morning, 8.3 this afternoon after I upgraded. Same behavior on both.
Not sure if you're aware of this but the site acts a bit weird on my iPhone 5s: when scrolling a large section like the sale, when It hits the end and it loads new products the new batch always comes in twice. Have to fight the déjà vu every time!
Are there limited numbers of these pre-orders, or as many as sign up? I'm a little concerned as I dont have time the next day and a half to camp out for a lightning buy, and then I'm on planes for 12 hours...
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