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It's really annoying when it's on a cheaper item, where building intl. shipping into the price would be like a 30-50% increase over domestic shipped cost. They'll see $100 + $10 shipping to US, and ask for it for $60 shipped to Inner Mongolia. This is one reason why I don't bother reselling anything under a few hundred or so.And I'm from New Zealand so have definitely felt the pain of being in an isolated market. You accept that you'll pay more for shipping and move on.
I've had arguments with so many people on grailed about international shipping costs. They lowball w/o shipping, I counter and say shipping tracked at cost, usually $40-50 unless it's somewhere unusual. They then bleat and moan that the last seller sent untracked, or shoved a shirt in a media mail envelope, and get pissy when I say my protections as a shipper disappear if I do that. I've had the same conversation 10+ times, and have never made a deal because fuck those...
I have some kangaroo guidis that have developed holes at fold points. Could be because it dried out at some point, I bought them second hand so don't know. I also have a grey pair of 992s in roo which would be my favourite shoes if the heel hadn't stretched out. Now my heel half falls off the sole at the back. Anyone know if surgery to cut a wedge out and re-stitch the heel is possible? They're the type without toe caps or heel stiffeners.
Here's a screenshot of the issue- certainly not a huge problem, but it did take me a few moments of looking for the add to cart button before I realized what was going on.
I was just browsing the site on my phone and noticed that the "buy" and "sold out" button/notification thing is almost completely invisible- just a thin strip of grey is showing at the top. The only way to tell if something is available is to hit it and see what happens. (iPhone 5s, not on iOS 10 yet)
I'm guessing the new linen shirts are on the heavier side, or lined? I have another linen FL shirt and it's definitely not for summer, but wanted to check. Any sizing advice on the shirts? Chest wise I could do a small easily, but the arms would be on the short side. But the jump in chest and shoulder to an M looks quite big... If it helps I was an L in the Port. Flannel winter shirts from a couple of years ago, though the sleeves on those are definitely close to being...
Random Chicago question: Where can I get a standard white dress shirt, good quality, maybe a linen-cotton blend, in a somewhat slim fit? Constraints: on the red line, open until late either tonight or tomorrow. I normally just get stuff made via online mtm services, but time is tight on this one. Only places coming to mind are suit-supply and brooks brothers.
How stupid would I be to sell some $500 shoes to someone on Grailed in Russia, with no feedback? I've been lucky enough to avoid bad selling experiences so far. If I ship tracked and insured with signature confirmation there's still plenty of ways I can get screwed over here right?
It was permanently attached to my head for a few weeks while traveling through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala earlier this year. That included a crazy downpour at Lamanai which made it go totally soft. I can't quite decide if I like it more that way or if I should starch it back.
Thanks, I should have guessed as I have last year's iteration! But not in navy, until now anyway.
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