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I couldn't figure out that scalloped hem cut- buttons ended so high up and was so loose that it felt like some strange reverse tailcoat.
I bought a pair of shoes from them, they didn't fit and I had to travel on short notice so couldn't return within their window- sent them two emails about it and never even got a reply. Fair enough if they wouldn't take the return, but at least answer the emails. Lost me as a customer forever.
On Guidi, does anybody know what a "T" in the model code means? Can't seem to spot any difference between a 992 and a 992T.
I tried on the 2017 SS versions of this in January- they're fantastic (particularly the grey linen) and I'm sure this one is too. A size 1 fit me well (6'3", 48 chest), though not oversized as it's styled. Sadly I can't justify the $$$ for something I could only wear about 3 days a year in my current climate...
To chime in on the Big Johns, I own four pairs in the slim tapered cut, three of them in a size 29 (black KURO2, indigo faux slub, and light blue RURI), and one in a 30 (another KURO2). My waist (well, hips) measure about 31.5" at the point where I wear them. The stretching is absolutely a function of both size relative to your actual waist, and the actual fabric. The black ones in a 29 stretch out to a comfortable point over time, then tighten after a wash, but always...
What items came with keys? I've bought a few shirts this season and only one came with a key, kind of wondering why.
I'm heading to Tokyo for a week and was planning on checking out a bunch of shops carrying this thread's kind of thing. Then I suddenly realized that at 6'3" and a size 44.5 shoe, I may be sorely disappointed by the sizes available. Will I be totally SOL on that front?
It's really annoying when it's on a cheaper item, where building intl. shipping into the price would be like a 30-50% increase over domestic shipped cost. They'll see $100 + $10 shipping to US, and ask for it for $60 shipped to Inner Mongolia. This is one reason why I don't bother reselling anything under a few hundred or so.And I'm from New Zealand so have definitely felt the pain of being in an isolated market. You accept that you'll pay more for shipping and move on.
I've had arguments with so many people on grailed about international shipping costs. They lowball w/o shipping, I counter and say shipping tracked at cost, usually $40-50 unless it's somewhere unusual. They then bleat and moan that the last seller sent untracked, or shoved a shirt in a media mail envelope, and get pissy when I say my protections as a shipper disappear if I do that. I've had the same conversation 10+ times, and have never made a deal because fuck those...
I have some kangaroo guidis that have developed holes at fold points. Could be because it dried out at some point, I bought them second hand so don't know. I also have a grey pair of 992s in roo which would be my favourite shoes if the heel hadn't stretched out. Now my heel half falls off the sole at the back. Anyone know if surgery to cut a wedge out and re-stitch the heel is possible? They're the type without toe caps or heel stiffeners.
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