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I'm guessing the new linen shirts are on the heavier side, or lined? I have another linen FL shirt and it's definitely not for summer, but wanted to check. Any sizing advice on the shirts? Chest wise I could do a small easily, but the arms would be on the short side. But the jump in chest and shoulder to an M looks quite big... If it helps I was an L in the Port. Flannel winter shirts from a couple of years ago, though the sleeves on those are definitely close to being...
Random Chicago question: Where can I get a standard white dress shirt, good quality, maybe a linen-cotton blend, in a somewhat slim fit? Constraints: on the red line, open until late either tonight or tomorrow. I normally just get stuff made via online mtm services, but time is tight on this one. Only places coming to mind are suit-supply and brooks brothers.
How stupid would I be to sell some $500 shoes to someone on Grailed in Russia, with no feedback? I've been lucky enough to avoid bad selling experiences so far. If I ship tracked and insured with signature confirmation there's still plenty of ways I can get screwed over here right?
It was permanently attached to my head for a few weeks while traveling through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala earlier this year. That included a crazy downpour at Lamanai which made it go totally soft. I can't quite decide if I like it more that way or if I should starch it back.
Thanks, I should have guessed as I have last year's iteration! But not in navy, until now anyway.
What's the hat @volatile?
What's the inseam (and size if you don't mind) on your pair?
I've machine washed one of my cotton ones a couple of times, always on cold/cold. No gentle cycle because the machine is like 30 years old. No problems so far.
The Guidi 992s came in and are at least a full size too large for me. Seems the soft/washed horse may not fit as small as other leathers. Despite this, the shape and leather are amazing and I briefly considered keeping them and wearing with double insoles and tongue pads. If anyone spots a pair of these for sale in a 45 let me know!
I've got two $20 friends vouchers for DSTLD Jeans. I like their tshirts- good for people who want something a bit longer than usual. Have to give them your email, so first two who want them PM me your email and I'll sign you up.
New Posts  All Forums: