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Does anyone know shoulder, chest and sleeve measurements for the Portuguese flannel shirts in M? Or even L, because if that fits I know the M wont!
Don't mean to spam the thread but does anyone know how the Rock coat fits? Would a III suit measurements above?
I'm eyeing up the SS Rock coat -- how does the sizing work? I wear a 17" shirt shoulder, chest of 37".
Talcum powder under the insole will sort you right out there. I only had to do it twice and no more squeak since.
This kind of depends on your foot shape. I was in the store a few weeks ago and tried on a bunch of stuff. Unfortunately, because I have a slightly wide forefoot, the Rui was the only last I could wear without my outside two toes hitting the front of the shoe. The Hiro is definitely a lot more snug in the toes and in the sides of the foot than the Rui is. If the Hiro is already too large across your instep I think the Rui is going to be worse. If you have length to spare...
I got a 40% off voucher today, somewhat bizarre since my last purchase at Brooks Brothers was two years and two addresses ago! Any suggestions as to best usage here? Looks like only off full price items.
Can anyone help out with measurements on the Niche green linen coat? I'm hovering over the checkout button with a S and an M in the cart, which is not a real good way to do things! I wear a shirt with 20" chest, 17" shoulder, 34" sleeve if that helps any recommendations.
Oh and anyone know what the deal with the Southwick overstock jackets on the sale page is? Says $100 on the main sale page, click the link and there are all the items, with a single option to add to cart for $400?
Will the loopwheel tees shrink at all if I religiously wash cold and hang dry? Just took delivery of a couple of mediums, and I would not want these to shrink even 1/8th of an inch in pretty much any direction. Really nice tees, I wish they were 1/2" larger everywhere!
Unless your 44s are larger than my 44s I'll have to pass thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: