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What's the inseam (and size if you don't mind) on your pair?
I've machine washed one of my cotton ones a couple of times, always on cold/cold. No gentle cycle because the machine is like 30 years old. No problems so far.
The Guidi 992s came in and are at least a full size too large for me. Seems the soft/washed horse may not fit as small as other leathers. Despite this, the shape and leather are amazing and I briefly considered keeping them and wearing with double insoles and tongue pads. If anyone spots a pair of these for sale in a 45 let me know!
I've got two $20 friends vouchers for DSTLD Jeans. I like their tshirts- good for people who want something a bit longer than usual. Have to give them your email, so first two who want them PM me your email and I'll sign you up.
Not sure if "over the door" is any different to the standard iron gym type thing? I have a door frame bar and at 6'3" have no problems. I do tuck my knees up in front of me rather than bending back below the knee.
Yep, the 992 is a standard lace up derby. To complicate things I have a slightly wide forefoot, which I would hope works well with the very rounded toe box on the Guidi's. 44 in CPs were too narrow in the front for me so sounds like I'd need at least a 44.5 or 46 in the 992. Do you know what size buttero (sneakers) you need? I wear a 44 which is slightly too long but good on width.
Anyone have sizing advice for Guidi 992 in washed horse? There's a couple on grilled I'm looking at, one +2 from my normal size, one +1.5. I've heard horse doesn't shrink as much in the final treatment, so might not need to be sized up as much as some other people report? I've never had a chance to try any Guidi's on so really would be relying on guesswork.
I used to forget to take my liquids bag out all the time, and eventually stopped bothering altogether. If they spot bottles on the x-ray (and actually do something about it) you'll likely be in for a bag search. I have found the UK more strict on this. Twice I didn't take the bag out and they spotted it. I was then in for a painstakingly slow bag search where I had to remove every item in my bag one by one, pass it to the officer where they inspected it from all sides,...
6'3" here and they fit me fine Well, if they were 1/2" shorter in the sleeves they'd be too short... Maybe I have minor trex genetics.
Can anyone recommend some non-CM linen (or other summery, breathable) pants for someone who normally wears a 34" inseam? I'm having trouble finding anything that's in between colonel sanders or hyper cropped 3/4 pants. Black preferred but not being too choosy on that point right now!
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