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I like the color purple, and i would really like to have a purple leather jacket like this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Melvin Udall I got one of these for my iPhone. I think its great! I also like this one. It's simple, and it will provide the needed protection for your Iphone.
I've always wanted to go to Paris and Venice. But since it's between Paris and London, I would vote for Paris.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nuckabean My friend smoked e cigs for a while, they totally kept him away from real tobacco. His problem was that he ran out of refills and was too lazy to buy more It's available in most drugstores, he should be able to get some. I gave my father a set for Father's Day. Well, he didn't like the feel of it, says it's far from the real thing. I told him to buy flavored filters since he's smoking menthol cigarettes.
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