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Great looking suit and a fantastic price. Good luck selling.
I think that fit looks great! Perfect through the waist for someone of your height (just enough suppression in my opinion).What size is that by the way?
If you want your collars to look like that - work your trapezius muscles hardcore... Ryan G is flexing his gigantic traps, hence the high standing collar.
Thanks guys.
Great looking shoes and great price! Good luck selling.
My three favourite ties on the website! Well done.
I picked this up from another member but unfortunately the fit just isn't quite right. I desperately wanted to keep this but I thought I'd pass it on instead of altering it too much and messing with the balance of the jacket. Just trying to get back what I spent here. Tom Ford Houndstooth Sportcoat Size: 46/36R 52% silk, 48% linen $500 shipped (if in Australia). $500 + shipping anywhere else. Note: TF's traditionally 5-button sleeves have been altered to 3 button by the...
7. Brown solid, 100% silk, $75 What is the width of this tie please?
No aversion here. That's mainly where I've been looking. I was just after some advise on some decent quality mid grey, wool pants for summer. As I said the howard yont pants are leading at the moment but I would like to find something cheaper if possible.
Can anyone recommend some mid-grey lightweight, slim fitting trousers with a lowish rise for a reasonable price for summer? I've been thinking howard yont but I would like to stay around the $100 mark if possible. Or am I dreaming?
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