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Thanks guys.
Great looking shoes and great price! Good luck selling.
My three favourite ties on the website! Well done.
I picked this up from another member but unfortunately the fit just isn't quite right. I desperately wanted to keep this but I thought I'd pass it on instead of altering it too much and messing with the balance of the jacket. Just trying to get back what I spent here. Tom Ford Houndstooth Sportcoat Size: 46/36R 52% silk, 48% linen $500 shipped (if in Australia). $500 + shipping anywhere else. Note: TF's traditionally 5-button sleeves have been altered to 3 button by the...
7. Brown solid, 100% silk, $75 What is the width of this tie please?
No aversion here. That's mainly where I've been looking. I was just after some advise on some decent quality mid grey, wool pants for summer. As I said the howard yont pants are leading at the moment but I would like to find something cheaper if possible.
Can anyone recommend some mid-grey lightweight, slim fitting trousers with a lowish rise for a reasonable price for summer? I've been thinking howard yont but I would like to stay around the $100 mark if possible. Or am I dreaming?
Is the breast pocket on the Tom Ford a slant or is that just the camera angle?
I've looked on their website but can't find any pictures of fabrics and unfortunately I don't have access to their books.
I want to get a sportcoat made up in a similar vein to the following: The problem is I don't have the cash to fork out for a Liverano & Liverano jacket. I tried to find the fabric so I could take it to my tailor but it's proving rather difficult. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a similar pattern/colour in a lightweight fabric for a summer/spring SC. The closest fabric I've been able to find is 7501 of the huddersfield riviera collection...
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