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I love this look and was wondering if anyone knew the brand of this jacket? Any info/help provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I was thinking about picking up a Rubinacci pocket square but can't decide on which. I'm fairly new to pocket squares I suppose - although I own quite a few - this would be my first expensive/boldly patterned one. Can anyone offer advise as to which would go best with a a navy cotton jacket and a tan cotton/linen blend jacket? I mainly dress fairly casually by SF standards I guess (I often wear jeans/chinos with a sport coat and no tie). My complexion is high contrast...
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Hiro last in comparison to the Loake capital last?
Nice! Let us know how you go with the fit - I was thinking about the same model myself.
I've been considering buying some Meermin shoes myself but I was under the impression that they weren't taking any more orders until the online shop is up?
That's the one.Unfortunately, I don't have any non front photos at the moment. When I next wear it I'll try to remember to get some.Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it.I also noticed that the quarters weren't as open as I would have liked. My problem is that because I'm quite short I obviously opted for a length on the shortish side too. Also, after the first fitting an extra bit of waist suppression was added which, I imagine, in turn shortened the front - further...
Hey everyone, just wanted to post a pic of a sport coat made courtesy of Deer Style in Brisbane. It was my first MTM jacket and I'm extremely pleased with the result. The fabric is super 120 wool from the John Hardy chatsworth book (104845). The colour is pretty washed out in that photo - it's actually more of a tan and olive gunclub with a faint blue over-check. This one is closer to the real colour but was taken before a few minor alterations. Let me know what...
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Hey Naka,Are you based in Chermside store or the city? I might pop in to say hi also at some point over the weekend.
Beautiful jacket. If only it was a 36...
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