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Good advise - thanks.I was thinking a navy fresco would fit the bill actually and agree with your points.Something like 520 would be nice I think.I'm not particularly fond of really bold jackets but would welcome any suggestions.
Not sure how much everyone here is into the whole sockless look but I think these two examples are a very stylish way to wear the above mentioned combination (especially in a warmer climate):
These are the sport coats I own so far: They are a fawn 75/25 cotton/linen blend, green and beige gunclub with blue over check in 9.5-10oz super 120 wool from John G Hardy and a navy cotton with white MoP buttons. My question is where do I go next? I'm a post graduate university student and wear jeans/chinos often but I also wear trousers in mid-grey, cream and beige. Most of my shirts are blue or white, either plain or with stripes/checks. I also live in a tropical...
Agreed.I've got a navy cotton jacket with white MoP buttons from Deer style which I wear (perhaps too) often.
Has anyone here purchased either of the chukka boots from Meermin's classic line? I was wondering whether the pictures on the website accurately represent the colour of the suede?
I own some Loake Strands which are on the capital last you mentioned. I'm a size 7 UK with them and a size 7 UK in Meermin's Hiro last (also the double monks). I have found that there is slightly more room through the vamp of the Loakes (which is comfortably fixed with an insert) compared to the Hiro last. I have some very slight heel slippage with my Meermin double monks but only when I wear very thin socks. Otherwise, the fit is perfect for me.If 8 UK fits you in the...
I was of the exact same mentality as you but bought a Rubinnacci "mediterraneo" with the black and white boarder and I love it!I've received many complements and it goes with every jacket I own. I highly recommend exquisite trimmings as an option also.
I have a pair of vintage outdoorsmen double mirror gradient 58mm Ray Bans for sale. They were bought from a very well known vintage sunglasses seller (based in the Netherlands) on eBay and are in mint condition. The sunglasses have a 24K hard-plated gold frame and mother of pearl browbar and nose pads. They have G31 double gradient heavy mirror Bausch & Lomb lenses. They also have an etched " B & L Ray Ban USA" across the top of the frame (2nd photo). $475 Drop -->$450...
Received my Meermin dark brown calf double monks yesterday and they are fantasic! The colour is very close to that of the website - the 'reddish' hue only really seems to come out under artificial light. I'll be able to provide a better assessment of their true colour during the day after I take them on their madien voyage tomorrow if anyone is interested? As for fit, I can only comment on the difference from loake's 'captial' last but there is less room in the...
I say go for it.I have some Loake strands which are practical the same as these and I wear them with jeans/chinos all the time. I think it looks great. Burgundy is a surprisingly versatile colour.
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