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Hallelujah shoes in Broadway in the mall. Just off queen st mall past country road.
Very nice. Are these in the dark brown shell?
Has anyone ordered any Meermin shoes in the cuero shell cordovan? How do they compare to say alden ravello shell in colour etc?
That's a good point that I hadn't considered regarding night time wear and black shoes. I imagine navy horn buttons would indeed look great at night also.I understand where you're coming from but I've always thought grey jackets (unless they're light and with some texture) hard to wear with odd trousers?
What area of science if you don't mind me asking?Also, does anyone here know where I can get some decent quality navy shorts for casual/beach wear? I like the look of Orlebar Brown shorts on Mr Porter but $180 for a pair of polyester shorts is outrageous. Side tabs or not...
I ordered a pair of dark brown suede chukka boots and brown CTB on the 15th of August. I have received the CTB and Meermin said they would ship the boots in approximately 30 days from that date but I'm yet to hear anything. I'm going to wait another 2 days then send a follow up email.
Have you checked out Meermin?
Speaking of navy suede loafers, has anyone been in to herringbone to check out these? pics look nice to me. Not sure who the maker is though.
Those look fantastic! Thanks for posting.I'm very pleased I ended up ordering them. They look to be a great casual shoe that could also easily be dressed up.
I thinking about purchasing these light brown nantes grain bluchers: Has anyone bought these and have pictures they want to share?
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