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That's a good recommendation.My favourite fantasy series is the Magician series by Raymond E Feist. However, I mostly read non fiction nowadays. Free Will by Sam Harris is a great book/starting point for anyone wanting to challenge their ideas about the subject. It's also very short and can be read in one sitting.
Might have to wait for 'The Great Wave' if you wanted it as I think I ordered the last one
Thank you very much.
Thanks, I'll give that a go.
I want to say vass but can't be 100% sure. Any additional details (if people can identify last/type of calf etc) would be great.
[[SPOILER]] This is fantastic!Who makes the pocket square?
I always love the look of these caramel/tan shades of leather but find they often draw too much attention to themselves in practice.Maybe it's a function of the rest of my wardrobe rather than the colour itself?
That's right.Only 0.25" in the size 30 though.On another note, I've order this jacket in a 38: was considering getting a jacket made in minnis 0520 but this should (hopefully) fit the bill as a summer sportcoat at a significant saving...
What would you like to know?They have a curtain waistband with a v split at the back, zip fly, 3 button closure on the waist, pick stitching on the pockets and down the side seam. The linen also gives the fabric a nice texture when seen up close. They are very lightweight without being 'flimsy' if that makes sense.They are quite slim fitting though - to the point wear I wouldn't want my pockets stuffed whilst sitting down with them. However, they're far from uncomfortable....
I have a pair of 50/50 cotton/linen Donnanna trousers from shopthefinest and they are fantastic. They are however much slimmer than HY trousers, several inches in the thigh at least.Here's a comparison with the some HY tropical wool trousers in mid grey AFTER (significant) alterations: cream...
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