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You could find a soft shouldered (as in no padding) jacket from both MJ bale and Herringbone for sub $1000.If it's a true 'shirt shoulder' you're after, with a pleated sleeve-head etc, I doubt you will get that here without going MTM. However, if you know your measurements shopthefinest.com has many Italian makers on offer that are under $1000. I've found their measurements to be accurate and they generally offer great deals.
This was my experience too.I ordered a tan unstructured, unlined linen/cotton blend jacket from them online and it arrived 2 days later, in a proper box and on a hanger. The measurements I was provided with were all accurate. The only problem was that the sleeves were functional (even though I was told by a sales representative that they weren't). Thankfully, the sleeve length only needed to be altered marginally so this wasn't an issue.However, it's precisely this kind of...
I have for sale a NWT blue houndstooth jacket from SuitSupply in size 35R (which correlates to 36-37R in my experience). I usually wear a size 36-38S and this jacket fits perfectly. Measurements: BOC: 28.7" Shoulder: 17" pit-to-pit: 19.5" waist: 34.4" Sleeve: 24.5" Price now includes shipping.
My favourite lasts in no particular order are: Carmina simpson, C&J 337 and Vass F last.Regarding the MTO: has anyone else who is involved in the group buy not received an invoice yet?
That's a good recommendation.My favourite fantasy series is the Magician series by Raymond E Feist. However, I mostly read non fiction nowadays. Free Will by Sam Harris is a great book/starting point for anyone wanting to challenge their ideas about the subject. It's also very short and can be read in one sitting.
Might have to wait for 'The Great Wave' if you wanted it as I think I ordered the last one
Thank you very much.
Thanks, I'll give that a go.
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