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Can anyone comment on the accuracy of the colour representation for these 922 brown calf brogues? I'm after quite a dark brown rather than a chocolate-type colour (which these seem to be).
Can anyone comment on how much thinner the olfe is compared to the hiro last? My double monks on the hiro last had a bit of heel slippage (which I remedied with a tongue pad). However, my CTBs on a supposed wider last (ama) fitted well. I suspect the hiro would be OK on a traditional laced oxford though. I've obviously seen the meermin last chart but I'm after someone who has worn both if possible. Thanks.
No need to apologise - I bought a Borrelli LV 'linosa' jacket from shopthefinest ~3 months ago (in a 38 admittedly). It has a beautiful, soft shoulder too.From what I can see, many of the Borrelli LV line on the website display the shoulder in question.
You could find a soft shouldered (as in no padding) jacket from both MJ bale and Herringbone for sub $1000.If it's a true 'shirt shoulder' you're after, with a pleated sleeve-head etc, I doubt you will get that here without going MTM. However, if you know your measurements has many Italian makers on offer that are under $1000. I've found their measurements to be accurate and they generally offer great deals.
This was my experience too.I ordered a tan unstructured, unlined linen/cotton blend jacket from them online and it arrived 2 days later, in a proper box and on a hanger. The measurements I was provided with were all accurate. The only problem was that the sleeves were functional (even though I was told by a sales representative that they weren't). Thankfully, the sleeve length only needed to be altered marginally so this wasn't an issue.However, it's precisely this kind of...
I have for sale a NWT blue houndstooth jacket from SuitSupply in size 35R (which correlates to 36-37R in my experience). I usually wear a size 36-38S and this jacket fits perfectly. Measurements: BOC: 28.7" Shoulder: 17" pit-to-pit: 19.5" waist: 34.4" Sleeve: 24.5" Price now includes shipping.
My favourite lasts in no particular order are: Carmina simpson, C&J 337 and Vass F last.Regarding the MTO: has anyone else who is involved in the group buy not received an invoice yet?
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