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I was probably casting a shadow over them in the second photo. The first picture is the best representation of the colour in my opinion.
Just a heads up: I'm selling my dark brown suede chukka boots from Meermin. http://www.styleforum.net/t/333724/meermin-brown-suede-chukkas-7-uk I've only worn them twice but it's just too hot here in Brisbane for them. They're a size 7 UK. Send me a PM if you're interested.
I have some brand new Meermin dark brown suede chukka boots for sale. I bought them about 4 months ago and have only worn them twice. They're not getting enough use so I've decided to pass them on. They're a size 7 UK. These go for ~ $230 AUD shipped new. Looking to get $160 + shipping. Pm me with any questions. Cheers.
You missed the comma after 'correct.' However, I took the liberty of correcting your glaring error.
It was bought as a Christmas present and the recipient didn't want it. Unfortunately, the time to return it had already elapsed.
I agree.I've noticed this style, not just with double-breasted jackets, but with many of the single breasted jackets too. Far too much waist suppression and generally too tight.It's not a good look.
Can anyone comment on the accuracy of the colour representation for these 922 brown calf brogues? I'm after quite a dark brown rather than a chocolate-type colour (which these seem to be).
Can anyone comment on how much thinner the olfe is compared to the hiro last? My double monks on the hiro last had a bit of heel slippage (which I remedied with a tongue pad). However, my CTBs on a supposed wider last (ama) fitted well. I suspect the hiro would be OK on a traditional laced oxford though. I've obviously seen the meermin last chart but I'm after someone who has worn both if possible. Thanks.
No need to apologise - I bought a Borrelli LV 'linosa' jacket from shopthefinest ~3 months ago (in a 38 admittedly). It has a beautiful, soft shoulder too.From what I can see, many of the Borrelli LV line on the website display the shoulder in question.
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