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Have a cry.
Resistance training + high protein/low carb diet. Exercising ~3 times a week is fine. Just hit it hard when you're at the gym and change your diet and you'll see results quickly. Good luck mate.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Thanks, House, but that (either a teratoma or a dermoid cyst) is relatively more common in women than men and it wouldn't present itself overnight. I won't sit here going through differentials but it's odd that you have no other symptoms besides a feeling of being sunburned. What a condescending comment, House. "I won't sit here going through differentials..." God that's pathetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharp Pointy Stick Good, Bad or Ugly? One comment I have from my wife is it looks purse-like? One issue I have is the shoulder strap is nylon, like a seatbelt, so I will see about getting a new leather strap made at a local shop. I think I agree with your wife. I don't know it's just the picture but it also looks a bit narrow to me. As you say, definitely wouldn't be using that strap either. The buckle...
With a dark complexion yellow always looks good.
With such a loud tie I'm not sure a polka dot pattern is the wisest choice. Hard to visualise without seeing it all together though.
Definitely Paris. London is dirty (moreso than Paris) and the weather is terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by brebonbon New to the site...thought I'd try uploading after examining other forums. Check out the first pic too! 7 for All Mankind jeans look great, as does the shirt on the last page. I've got to say I'm becoming a huge fan of the board shorts that are fitted and come up a few inches above the knee. You just have to stay fit to pull them off. Agreed regarding the board shorts fit/style. That's actually the way...
Quote: Originally Posted by Naka I shot an email to Deer Style located in Brisbane about shoe pricing and I was surprised at the answer. Fully handstitched shoes, starting at around $200 for oxfords. I haven't ordered anything from them yet but I might be popping in next week. Sounds tempting. Let me know how you get on.
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