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What does everyone think about wearing brown suede loafers in the summer? They are an extremely versatile shoe but I can't help but equate suede with winter.
I can't speak for the fit of Vass F specifically but I wear a UK7 and any European shoes I've bought in 40.5 fit me.
Which brand makes higher quality shoes: RLPL or Ermenegildo Zenga?
I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe try to find some that are very plain and white. With jeans they should look fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh A jacket like the brown check is surprisingly versatile - works with a tie or more casual and it also works with lot of different coloured pants. In fact its hard to find a colour of pants it doesn't work with. Even works with navy pants - when not much else does. Brown jackets pick up brown shoes nicely too. And whats more not everyone has a brown jacket (or 4 in my case) All good points and exactly the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Upright Man, that is good to hear. The bloke who runs Deerstyle is a lovely person who will be able to have a good talk with you about various patterns. He's got quite a few fabric samples on hand for you to have a look at - hundreds, in fact. So as to narrow down your choices, have a think about what you actually want to use the jacket for. Do you want it to be a bit more formal? If so, then something in a...
Hey everyone, I'm considering my first MTM SC at deerstyle in Brisbane. To be honest I have no experience in this kind of thing and was wondering if anyone can suggest which kind of cloth is a good choice for a spring/summer SC. I'll obviously have a chat to the guys in the store once I'm in there but it would be nice to know other peoples experiences with different cloths in a humid climate. I was thinking some sort of linen but I'm afraid that this kind of look is quite...
Have a cry.
Resistance training + high protein/low carb diet. Exercising ~3 times a week is fine. Just hit it hard when you're at the gym and change your diet and you'll see results quickly. Good luck mate.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Thanks, House, but that (either a teratoma or a dermoid cyst) is relatively more common in women than men and it wouldn't present itself overnight. I won't sit here going through differentials but it's odd that you have no other symptoms besides a feeling of being sunburned. What a condescending comment, House. "I won't sit here going through differentials..." God that's pathetic.
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