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Fantastic colour and last!
Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess I'll have to test the waters initially and just go from there. Might skip the tie altogether though. @Dr. D, good advise on the shoes regarding comfort. I wouldn't risk my new loafers in the lab just yet (or my feet for that matter)!
I recently got accepted to undertake an intership at a Government research facility that is affliated with my University. However, I'm not entirely sure about what to wear. I will obviously be wearing a labcoat whilst in the lab but I will also be spending time on the computer, reading papers and 'in the office' so to speak. My problem isn't so much about what is appropriate (anyone involved in the science faculty will know that pretty much anything goes as far as dress...
Lovely sportcoat.
Pm sent.
How did you find the fit through the uppers? I likewise purchased a pair of Loake Strands and found the width/length perfect but the height in the vamp a bit big. I'm thinking about getting an insert to solve this problem though.apple3210, you could always email the distributor and ask for a photo if you're worried about the internet pics not being an accurate representation. I've done it before from pediwear and they happily complied.
Woven for me - as I tend to not be in formal situations as often.
Yes, there's room on top of my feet - however the sides feel fine to me. Possibly my duck feet...The shoes is still kept in place but I'm worried about excessive creasing. Of course, I don't mind a little (obviously unavoidable) but with the amount of room I have I get the feeling the shoe will look like it's been folded in-half after a few wears.
I can't speak for the 026 last but I bought a pair of Strands (capital last) and they have a lot of room through the vamp. I was actually wondering if anyone had any advise to solve this? I'm thinking a simple insert will do the trick. Does anyone have other suggestions?
"You don’t want to look like you just got off the boat from Naples. Anyway, the high-class dressers there want to look English." Pfft, typical pompous pom. Well done to The Armoury, seems like a great move.
New Posts  All Forums: