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Can you post the length/width please?
Hey everyone, just doing a final interest check in this MTO option. We only need 2 people to avoid the MTO costs.Please PM me if you're interested
I've been thinking about ordering through as the minimum of 6 people needed for skoaktiebolaget seems to have fallen through. In the dark brown (Natur Marron) colour: Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the Natur Marron colour after a bit of wear? Does it lighten significantly?
Currently we have a total of 4 people interested in the following MTO from 922 wingtip on the Rain last: But in this darker brown colour (Natur Marron): If we can get a few more people (6 total) we can avoid the MTO upcharge from Carmina. The shoes would be 2720 SEK ex VAT, which is approx. $400. If you are interested in this MTO please PM me and we will arrange the order. This is really great value for a MTO shoe so if you're...
I wanted to renew an interest check in this MTO.922 wingtip on the Rain last:In this colour (Natur Marron):Last time I heard we only needed one extra person to avoid the MTO costs.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I probably am comparing it to my dress shirts - good point CW. I might just have the sleeves altered by a tailor rather than me/my girlfriend butchering it.
Speaking of popovers, I received mine today and love it too. However, I wanted some feedback on the fit.What does everyone think about the waist? It is a bit loose (actually looser than it appears in the photo) but I suppose that's the look... I wanted to avoid putting darts in the back unless it's absolutely necessary.
Yes, it has functional buttons but they are a reasonable distance from the hem. If it was only a minor alteration a competent tailor could reduce the length without upsetting the balance.
I'd be keen for a EG dover style split toe in the hatch grain personally.
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