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Has anyone received shipping confirmation for their shoes trees from the original museum calf MTO? I didn't get the lasted trees but I paid for trees with that order (and should have another pair coming from an additional MTO) and haven't heard anything since an email over 4 weeks ago saying my size wasn't in stock. I think it's been >6 months now which is a bit ridiculous if you ask me...
Once upon a time, I had a navy cotton suit made by Rene at DeeR Style. It was obviously intended as a casual piece and I chose to have it made with MoP buttons. The result was great, expect for the fact that the lapel roll was pressed and sewn in a way which made the top button almost face the jacket (rather than being flat on the front). Although I loved the jacket, and the fit was spot-on, I voiced my concern with Rene who offered to remake the jacket. I was shocked...
I'm a scientist in a biotech institute on campus and can vouch for much of this.I even got many suspicious looks when I turned up to the lab in trousers and a button up (but once people got to know me they've dropped the initial judgements). I was actually asked by one of the research-assistants (who is in his late 20s like me) "when was I going to stop dressing all fancy." (I almost responded that as long as you keep wearing shorts and worn-out sneakers, I'll keep wearing...
I originally purchase the 922 dark brown wingtips in a 7 UK. I subsequently found they were 1/2 a size too big, but I also wanted to purchase the burgundy captoes Mr Yoo offers on his site. He wisely proposed that I wait to receive the burgundy captoes in a size 6.5 UK, so I can compare, then make adjustments for the size of the wingtips accordingly.I'll let you know the fit once they arrive if you're interested? Did you find going down the extra 1/2 size helped?
Couldn't agree more. Mr Yoo has been fantastic with my order too. In fact, I've ordered a pair of the burgundy captoes also!Just out of interest, did you end up sizing down 0.5 of a size compared to normal? I ordered a 7 UK, the same size I've worn in every other shoe I have, but they were too big in the Rain last and I'm now awaiting a 6.5... Let's hope it fits!
Love the jacket mate. Where's it from?
Can you post the length/width please?
Hey everyone, just doing a final interest check in this MTO option. We only need 2 people to avoid the MTO costs.Please PM me if you're interested
I've been thinking about ordering through http://gentlemensfootwear.tumblr.com as the minimum of 6 people needed for skoaktiebolaget seems to have fallen through. In the dark brown (Natur Marron) colour: Does anyone happen to have any pictures of the Natur Marron colour after a bit of wear? Does it lighten significantly?
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