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Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan So does sentence structure! true ... but my sentence structure can only get better, while clarks can't ...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.carlitos clarks desert boots suck sorry ... not jus the desert boot sucks ... clarks sucks !
good choice ...... nice shoe !
clarks desert boots suck
go for the Alden ... the 9071 is gorgeous !
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe Please leave him out he is a "testa di minka" especially with all the plastic surgery. And if one is afraid of the politics of Bush Berlusconi I can say is worse. if we would discuss about politics i would agree ... but as here it comes up to style you will have to agree, you can't even compare Bush with Berlusconi ... that would be like comparing an old ugly Dodge with a Ferrari
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Your objection to monks is that they look old-fashioned, but if you were to buy a pair they would be . . . Aldens? That seems a bit contradictory. I love Aldens and own several pair (none of them monks), but they aren't exactly fashion forward. true, they might not be fashion forward.... but neither they are old-fashioned ! ... to me Alden's monks are of timeless classic beyond trends and fashion ......
if i would ever buy a monk ... i would probably go choose an alden
edward green alden john lobb n.d.c. made by hand lidfort moreschi
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