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I think the stitching of the shoe to the sole is done by machine (Blake?) It's really only the connection of the top leather to the bottom leather that's done by hand. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
I got a pair of Rancourt-made eastland beefroll pennies (eastbrook model). fit a little snug but should stretch out over time. I wonder if this model is on a slightly different last than their normal pennies. I tried on the standard pennies at Club Monaco in the same size and they were way too narrow.
YMMV, but I have both the ranger mod and the clymer, and for whatever reason, I take an 8.5 in the ranger mod but take an 8 in the clymer. I definitely wouldn't try sizing down to an 8 in the ranger moc.
Picked up a pair of the GAT-a-like sports trainers, and I have to say that they are WAY better than MMM. The silhouette is much sleeker, and actually reminiscent of an old pair of GATs (not the shitty bulbous ones you see on Ebay now) I had that fell apart. Great job with these sneakers. They'll be seeing a lot of wear.
For anyone who cares, Rancourt-made penny loafers from Bass on gilt for 169. Approximately 190 with tax and shipping. Do a search for Fenmore
Some quoddy's in limited sizes on sale for over 40% off at J.crew.
Had the pleasure of trying this one out last night.
Some great choices in this thread. Here is my contribution. 1) Squale 50 atmos A watch with great looks, and an even greater history, the 50 atmos is one of the most attractive and well-made non-homage dive watches under 1K. The caseis excellent (not to mention iconic), and the dial/hands are a nod to some of the best dive watches of the past. 2) CWC GS NAVIGATOR WATCH W/DATE A no-frills, no-nonsense quartz field watch. It's decently built (in Switzerland, if that...
Some more.
My Dagaz Typhoon.
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