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For anyone who cares, Rancourt-made penny loafers from Bass on gilt for 169. Approximately 190 with tax and shipping. Do a search for Fenmore
Some quoddy's in limited sizes on sale for over 40% off at J.crew.
Had the pleasure of trying this one out last night.
Some great choices in this thread. Here is my contribution. 1) Squale 50 atmos A watch with great looks, and an even greater history, the 50 atmos is one of the most attractive and well-made non-homage dive watches under 1K. The caseis excellent (not to mention iconic), and the dial/hands are a nod to some of the best dive watches of the past. 2) CWC GS NAVIGATOR WATCH W/DATE A no-frills, no-nonsense quartz field watch. It's decently built (in Switzerland, if that...
Some more.
My Dagaz Typhoon.
I think I'll check this out
I'm wondering the same thing myself. I've been so out of the loop with this thread.
So tempted to pick up a pair of shoes for my birthday.
My halios tropik B
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