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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I may just try, not sure about having to pay a fee though Price drop: shipping and paypal included.
PAYMENT Paypal (must have a verified account with a confirmed home address) Please add 4% paypal fee or send payment as "gift" Buyer pays for shipping unless noted otherwise International shipping available contact me for pricing CONTACT INFO Email: Aim: heyitsdeka REFERENCES Search my name on here im 1000000% legit Ebay: itsmedeka909 (+175 positive feedback) Paypal verified user with confirmed address under "" My feedback thread:...
Yes, -$25 on everything.
price drop
Paypal ready
will try to allocate funds
Quote: Originally Posted by Tito Jackson I'm interested in the macbook. Does it have any other software on it? Also, what is the serial number so I can verify specs? Thanks. The laptop: model number MB471LL Late 2008 15" Aluminum unibody macbook pro 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor 4GB ram 320GB hard drive GeForce9400M and 9600M graphics processors with 512mg GDDR3 memory
+1 love the color and elbow detail.
Visvim Pollard sold Gucci Mocs keeping. $20 off everything
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