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TM Lewin sell AT braces quite cheaply.
That's a good looking boot. Maybe a tad red in the shell.
Nicke... Whats the strap?
Pm sent
Buy shoe polish in the right color online. Preferably saphir. You can pretty much guess the right color in their lineup.
If chest and shoulders are good, everything else is cheap alterations. Can you buy a new suit without making alterations? I know I can't. Sleeves shortened and waist tapered are not big alterations.
You need a navy blazer then, I would try thrifting for one.
Cream vest would work I guess. Off white etc...
The blazer and the jeans should be noticeably different in color hue so as not to look like a horrible suit. Usually this means jeans that are lighter than the blazer. The surface of the blazer and the jeans shouldn't contrast too much, so no really rough jeans with plain worsted blazer. IMO... But silver buttons, gold buttons, enamel buttons, plastic/horn buttons (then its a sports jacket or sports coat) and darker or lighter navy are all ok. Really dark blazers,...
Try saphir renovator or saddle soap, follow up with a shoe polish in the right color. There are stronger cleaners you might try, but I would just let them be a little mottled, it will even out in time.
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