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I'm pretty sure all the Barbera stuff at C21 is the Club line. That stuff has been sitting there for ages. I did notice however that they got in a bunch of charcoal Isaia suits for $999 which seems like a reasonable deal.
At the Filene's Basement on 18th and 6th, there's a Domenico Vacca jacket, size 40R in grey with a bright green windowpane pattern. Price is $268 ($670 w/ 60% off) and I think its a cashmere jacket. Come to think of it, maybe I should have taken it just to flip it on eBay, but I"m too lazy to bother and maybe someone here will want it.
Brunello Cucinelli polos are very nice. Great slim cut.
The Ralph Lauren store in Soho has a whole bunch of winter wear and accessories at 50%+ off, some stuff is 70% off. Also, the Tommy Hilfiger store on Broome Street has just about everything on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by wq1999 What is the fit like? The fit is slim, for me anyway. I'm 5'10", 195 pounds, and wear a size 16. The majority of size 16 shirts are absolutely huge on me and the LB is slim in comparison and is very comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Be careful with those LB shirts. They had about two hundred at Loehmann's a couple of months ago, but they were more on the "Club" level - cheap plastic buttons and mediocre fabrics. Not sure if these are the same. Will have to check it out at lunch... They didn't say club on them. I saw those Loehmann's shirts but I thought they were too cheap, too good to be true. As for the one I bought, it fits so well...
The Union Square Filene's Basement has Luciano Barbera dress shirts for $90. I picked one up yesterday and I love the fit. They also have some nice LB sweaters for $150 though I expect those to get marked down pretty quickly given how warm it is in NYC.
I went to Loehmann's yesterday (the one on 16th & 7th ave), absolutely nothing interesting there, except for one young lady with a Gucci fanny pack. I have seen some great deals there in the past though. Century 21 has some Isaia suits for $700, mostly in 46R size if I remember correcly.
Definitely my orange Domenico Vacca tie (didn't buy much this year unfortunately!)
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant +1. Vman is correct. Baldessarini was significantly better than the standard production black label and ceased production 2-3 years ago. Their suitings were on par with Castagnia and probably closer to Belvest in quality with a full cut for the American market. The shirtings were manufactured in Switzerland, and made to the standards of the late model Napoli Couture (not XXX) Zegna shirts. Nice, thick, MOP...
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