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i've seen only three or four of those. but that looks like a good, good collection of moobies.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Finally got a new cell phone: Sony Ericsson K800i $340 from eBay, got to keep my own contract, unlocked from overseas, switching to my service was painless. that's a pretty cool toy. my RAZR is envious.
I need to get me one of those pre-lit puppies. Stringing lights is for the birds. Also the midcentury tinsel tree would be awesome. For many years now I have longed for one of those metal trees that Charlie Brown and Linus check out every year on the christmas movie. Something with a nice hollow "tonnnng" when you tap it. I take it noone is hanging their trees from the ceiling this year? I heard that the black trees were still popular though.
in the spirit of the season:
that's another one to add to the 'great logo design' thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by skalogre I have been going through a bit of a "back to the roots" sort of thing lately. While in Bristol a few months ago the wife and I went to a club that had a "massiv" drum & bass and jungle set playing with some damn good DJs & MCs. I had been away for so long, it felt like going back to a old trusted pair of boots. Aaaah, amen break, how I unbeknownst to me I missed thy guiles... I have been listening to more IDM and...
we have lots of nice looking palms up here. i suppose any tree could be called useless and tacky given the (im)proper context.
here's a pretty cool survey of "web 2.0" company logos with their typefaces described. http://www.fontshop.com/fontfeed/arc...b-20-logos.cfm
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant .... No one here personally knows any younger guy who acts like women don't care much about what men look like? They're usually the ones who repel, rather than attract.
oh yes, forgot about Gill Sans. Truly a great font. The Tufte books are perfect exemplars of its use. Don't see it used much on the computer screen though - It doesn't seem to have made the transition very well. Maybe I've missed something...is there another version made for on-screen use?
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