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we have lots of nice looking palms up here. i suppose any tree could be called useless and tacky given the (im)proper context.
here's a pretty cool survey of "web 2.0" company logos with their typefaces described.
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant .... No one here personally knows any younger guy who acts like women don't care much about what men look like? They're usually the ones who repel, rather than attract.
oh yes, forgot about Gill Sans. Truly a great font. The Tufte books are perfect exemplars of its use. Don't see it used much on the computer screen though - It doesn't seem to have made the transition very well. Maybe I've missed there another version made for on-screen use?
indians take too long to cook, and are tough and dry without a couple days of marinating.
i think you should go take a dump on your boss's desk, for being so insensitive to your dilemma.
happy thanksgiving! mmmm, waiting for turkey...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T i have a sneaking suspicion that any home equipment I own will never ever be used that's what keeps the home gym equipment industry afloat. ... I'm in the camp that believes grunting is kindof foolish. It serves little purpose other than to attract attention. In fact I suspect you run a greater risk of injuring yourself if you're grunting instead of breathing. You should never be holding your breath while...
maybe check out some Airstream floorplans for inspiration: there's a bunch more if you click around. when thinking about minimizing space, most anything that can be built-in is going to take up less area than freestanding furniture. Also try to utilize/design multifunctional pieces - benches with built-in storage, horizontal surfaces that fold up into the wall when not in use (tables, ironing boards, beds),...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk I think we can all do our part by swearing off 'babe' threads and pics like this: indeed. as soon as i'm finished drooling over this picture.
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