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Yes, i've read good things about it. Hopefully calibration is not beyond my capabilities. I got the Avia dvd as well.
fountain pen hospital might be a good place to start. www.fountainpenhospital.com
last week we watched the video one morning at work, and then that afternoon someone busted out the JT cd (which I hadn't heard yet)...when it came to the slow jam songs, we started cracking up all over again. Dick in a Box totally deconstructs all of the slow jams ever sung. Hi-effing-larious.
"ohhhhh, Wilburrrrr." here's hoping the glue factory falls upon hard times in 2007.
if the big one hits and you don't see any posts from me for many days...send MREs.
i bought one of these, little xmas gift for the family: Panasonic - TH-42PH9UK need to get a table stand for it though. i don't like the curved one - looking for the (discontinued) rectangular one to show up on ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Serge Mouille Floor Lamp... lefty that's a sweet lamp. keep it away from my kids.
reto, of the pmwf.com website, has a pretty big selection of mechanical and automatic seikos available, at what look to me like reasonable prices. check out the Seiko 5's; some of them look good to me. There are even a couple models that approximate the look of a Grand Seiko. /andrew
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ And in space, no one can hear you scream. Before I vote, I need further information regarding what kind of refreshment would be available to me in space. i too am wondering about what comparisons might be made between the 'amenities' offered here on earth versus the 'refreshments' out there. 'cuz, you know, there are amenities, and then there are amenities.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim And space ships (and lasers) are completely silent, since there isn't enough atmosphere to transmit soundwaves. George Lucas lied to you all! lucas is a big poser who never even went to outer space. sloppy research, is what it is.
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