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maybe we've seen the last of mel gibson after all...
Quote: Originally Posted by j Dear Vaclava, It's likely you've already heard, but if not, I hope to be, the one that introduces to you, the band Flaming Lips. Your thread title made me think, you would enjoy their album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Best wishes for the season, J. let 'em know you realize the sun doesn't go down-- it's just an illusion, caused by the world spinning 'round.
i'm thinking, in the weightlessness of outerspacitude, it might be worth it to try the vaporized alcohol inhaler. no chasing after rogue blobs of liquid with a straw, floating across the space lounge.
you know what else is cool? Ask Metafilter.
re. oversinging: see 'Mariah Carey'. listening to the lead singer from Third Eye Blind made me want to punch him. and then send him to a speech therapist.
The man's work is done. RIP JB.
been to lori's a couple times; it's good diner style food. better, however, is Mel's diner (several locations). i recently had some really good corned beef (in a reuben sandwich) at the Fat Lady, in Jack London Square. oh, and I forgot to mention Chicken and Waffles, also found in Jack London Square.
no hangover this morning, and the prime rib is now nearing completion. not a bad day.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt There are two really good pizza places if you are looking for very traditional Italian pizza (not pepperoni). My favorite is Delfina Pizzeria which is in the Mission. You need to wait for a table, but they let you drink on the street so it is OK. Fancier is A16, but I don't think that it is as good. Zachary's in Berkeley is supposed to be great, but I don't love it. Tommaso's is good and old San Francisco and has...
146 people hanging out at styleforum right now. My wife and inlaws are drunk and arguing out some issues downstairs. that is why i'm here and not there. Goldschlager is actually kindof good, once you get past the "it tastes like Big Red gum" phase. I got started xmas shopping way too late this year. My 4yo daughter (now nestled all snug in her bed) is so excited about tomorrow. It really makes xmas fun. There is no snow in the East Bay. I need to get up to Tahoe one...
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