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Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Joseph Campbell also sheds light on the question from a more literary perspective. His Atlas of World Mythology lays it all out. But almost all of his work contains the theme of the 'monomyth' and how it has been variously inflected around the world. BTW the sense of the 'world of opposites' most of us grew up with, (you know, the whole "good and evil" thing)...it's enlightening to note that...
I can just hear that thing: "RRRR! Toddlerpede Kill!!" I bet it could kick Chucky's ass. I'm more of a cubism/futurism fan actually, in terms of this type of work. I like surrealism in comedy though, and to the extent that surrealism touches on zenlike abstraction of thought, I appreciate its effects.
Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmover this one shows the last five touchdowns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENwDDB0dlRk&NR hahaha, the OU fans are standing around like "what the fuck just happened!?"
Charlie Don't Surf!
transformers. *snort* gundams could kick transformers' ass any day. anyway, i think i'm a little older than their target demographic. there's no nostalgia factor for me, which seems like it would be the only reason to watch. maybe for my brother, who is 8 years younger. **edit: if my name were "Shia LaBeouf", i think i would change it.
so i guess boise won, eh...judging from the noises my midwestern father-in-law is making downstairs. all that fuss for a bowl of nacho chips.
Brian's amazing bird video reminded me of this one I saw recently - the swiss guy billed as Jet Man. Pretty neat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEXxkWXncuo Apologies if this is old news. It's new to me anyway.
similarly, i've known of guys who pretend to be something they're not, just to attract a female...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque That stupid BP logo reminds me of a not so stupid logo: actually, i prefer the bp logo. the green party one looks amateurish. (which, if i were an asshole, i would say it suits. but i'm not, so i won't. )
or, maybe saddam was a romantic anarchist just like you. ...except that he had some success, whereas you got put in jail for pulling antisocial pranks.
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