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while we're talking about pre-fab houses... (self-promotion alert) i happen to work for these guys. www.mkd-arc.com
Quote: Originally Posted by swisloc ....and jobs are fairly easy to come by (especially a few years out from school). I finished undergraduate in 1991. lemme tell you, if you're ever going to graduate in 1991, go back to school for a few years. I couldn't buy a job then. I spent several months office-temping, then worked a year or so as a computer programmer, then went back to school, got my B.Arch, moved across country to CA, and then got my...
that is a sweet, sweet chair. i'll take one big one for me, and a dozen or so smaller ones for my henchmen.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril A must: http://www.signaturehardware.com/product2754 quote: • Compare to Herbeau Creations Medicis Copper Tub or Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub. Half the cost and in solid bronze! ... i dunno, this makes it seem kindof "discount".
hm, the pay still sucks after you're registered. you can make money if you are a partner or sole proprietor in a reasonably successful firm. but architects don't make as much as doctors and lawyers, generally. i'm an architect, 11 years exp, licensed. here are a few bullet points: architects draw a lot, on CAD. school is fun, even the late nights. work is generally not as much fun. you generally don't do the same stuff at work that you did at school. the...
i can't believe people actually use the word "baller". like it sounds cool or something. here are some pictures of lenny kravitz's pad in miami: http://home.planet.nl/~kravitz/images/house.html
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon Wow, and I thought the answer to all divine mysteries only came through the overflowing glass of communion wine. hey, if wine is good, just think how much better bourbon is. anyway, if the scientologists let you in, try to get close to tom cruise and kick his ass a few times.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red That price is reaonable for a rug that size, in my experience. Amazingly, my dining room rug was one he'd had for years and been unable to move, which is why I got it at a deep discount. But still, approx. 8k. My latest purchase was and all future purchases will be discounted 50%. sweet deal! ...what did you do to get that discount, trade poor pussycat's services? or did you finally get that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike I don't know, but I'm told it has a lot of built-in features, secret compartments and fun stuff. Nice original knobs, and clean drawers, too. however, there is significant danger of carpal tunnel syndrome.
somewhere, Willie Brown is drooling.
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