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since you work with a boxing coach you might try a life coach, or personal effectiveness coach, same thing different title. ...granted, i have no idea what the life coach supply is like in VN. ... i've heard about "Getting Things Done", it sounds interesting. anyone have insights? for general thought-provokingness, there's a book i've read titled "A Year To Live". It's got a slightly 'out-there' vibe sometimes, but in general it might make you think about...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I listen to Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon & Foreigner once in a while. And I kinda like "Desert Moon" by Dennis de Young. Sheesh. right up my guilty alley. except for that dennis de young song. man, i thought that was just a bad dream...and now you're telling me it really happened.
I'm going to lock down the rights for the next likely title in the series: Fight Club: International Males
We had thought about having my wife's parents move out here from Missouri, to live near us and help with the kids, etc. But, after this past xmas and putting up with my drunk bastard FIL, we've decided it's not such a good idea. We'll just tough it out with an au pair and the rest of the help we hemmorage money on. I'd rather live hand-to-mouth than be angry all the time.
nice travelogue, Labelking. I could feel the musty odor start to creep into my nostrils. In my hopeful imagination, the coelacanth is floating in formaldehyde, with its attendant acrid smell. ... The closest experiences I might have, comparable to the decrepitude pictured, are of some of the buildings in Istanbul. Many of course are genuinely ancient, but others are just old and held together with a lick and a promise. Getting our passports stamped at the airport...
i think they should put a jet pack on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler nude sculptures and oil paintings of all of your conquests never mind that, just keep them all in a menagerie.
while we're talking about pre-fab houses... (self-promotion alert) i happen to work for these guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by swisloc ....and jobs are fairly easy to come by (especially a few years out from school). I finished undergraduate in 1991. lemme tell you, if you're ever going to graduate in 1991, go back to school for a few years. I couldn't buy a job then. I spent several months office-temping, then worked a year or so as a computer programmer, then went back to school, got my B.Arch, moved across country to CA, and then got my...
that is a sweet, sweet chair. i'll take one big one for me, and a dozen or so smaller ones for my henchmen.
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