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oh god. there must be some corollary to Gordon's Law about Tub Girl. i too was going to make a beergarden comment. but decided not to.
akin to Daft Punk is Leftfield.
that's a lot of eye candy right there. or maybe eye beer. except for the designer. he's more like eye-brussels-sprouts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Has anyone mentioned the obvious choice: Estate Planning for Dummies? or The Do-It-Yourself Will and Trust Kit
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing This is a flamboyant car: woo...that looks to be a 3-tone, plus chrome trim and whitewall tires. One hell of a rear bumper, too.
for your consideration:
math rock: Add N to (X) is a good group, IMO. Somewhat reminiscent of Devo and Kraftwerk. Hella could also be filed under math. Kick-ass math. ... Also there's that incomprehensible classic by The Fixx, "Saved By Zero". Not math-rock, however.
Quote: Originally Posted by faustian bargain i work from my boss's home. that almost counts. No longer work from my boss's home. Getting a new job, going to work in a real office again. Less than 1 week out of work. That rocks. Thank you, economy.
Quote: Originally Posted by greatfire What picture does the title paint in your mind? Like, when you hear "division by zero" what mental picture is painted? either infinity, empty set / null set, or error, as in division by zero error. and that's it. no poetic metaphysical imagery.
WTF. I thought he was going to live forever. I will never forget the Oscars pushups. RIP Jack.
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