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I think I have heard some re-makes of Cars songs recently. Also if you like that 'Cars' sound, Weezer had at least one album produced by Ric Ocasik (the blue one). ... How about: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus/Les Claypool, old Aerosmith, AC/DC, some of the stuff by Led Zeppelin. 'Strawberry', that reminds me - Shuggie Otis, he's groovy. But not very heavy or rock-like.
arrr! fetch the cabin boy! PS - For one of his intelligence, he was remarkably adept at tweaking the forbidden brass parking brake.
remember the outtakes from Grumpy Old Men? Quote: Burgess Meredith, as Grandpa, is shown acting out different versions of one scene (A245/84B or A246/84B). Presumably the nature of the scene meant that the choice of which version to use had to be made later. Grandpa's lines were as follows. N.B. He's just seen Chuck enter the home of Ariel. Take 2: Looks like he's going to enter the holy of holies .. coitus uninterruptus. Take 5: Look's like...
Please keep: understanding the bald-headed eggplant scuttling the sheriff nibbling at the otter's hot Cossack tenderizing the peach poking the flounder
i'm going to wake up the kids with my laughing. Alone once again, she retired to the bedroom and began greasing up the one-eyed canoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom Correction this thread = Getting hot with a Heavy Lady This thread = Wrestling the Limp Lightbulb
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini What's the beergarden rag? ... for old times' sake:
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney Tell me to come visit so I can see how you're getting in, "bikini shape". hm. something tells me there's a story behind this one. hopefully an illustrated story.
LOL this is the funniest thing i've seen in a while. Quote: Instead, she spent the night alone, warming up the begonias. Let's just say I had a lot to learn about angering the wife's sloppy surgeon general. They found him naked in the alley behind the bar, tidying up the pretzel. I feel like icing the chiffarobe. Every morning, he woke up normalizing the Cossack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter God, I hope this is a euphemism. BTW: while googling the correct spelling of euphamism (sp.) I found this very cool Euphamism Generator! Edit: To remove an apology for thread hijacking because I realized that Tokyo Slim had already hijacked it. "toggling the crankshaft"
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