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Quote: Originally Posted by MCsommerreid .... I'm not sure one would want to go to UCB as a 1st or 2nd year student, paying big money for mediocre undergrad general classes. .... I can vouch for this. My wife was a Teaching Assistant in grad school, for undergrad classes. She was pretty uniformly unimpressed (with a few exceptions, of course) with the quality of the students. I mean, come on. It's a big state school. Then again, maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Truly. I've always detested the sterility of overly restored places. There needs a certain amount of the unwholesome, sordid, and patina. which is what makes places like Istanbul interesting.
...and natto is used for warding off vampires, household pests, and anyone else within olfactory distance.
well, after all it is the People's Republic of Berkeley.
I usually use Verdana, sometimes Tahoma, for on-screen proportional fonts. for fixed-width, I use Courier New. **edit - many of the popular TrueType fonts are designed primarily for print, and just don't read well on a monitor, IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford .... If ET really wants to do something about this, why not actually hire a correspondent or host who does not fit the Hollywood standards of beauty rather than just making someone up to look that way. because then nobody would watch. it's a funny self-reflexive problem.
that's funny...i swear at the computer screen and then hit 'undo'. man i wish life had an 'undo' button.
if i'm not mistaken, the california girls they sang about were from the southern end of the state. so maybe it's UCLA. anyway, not much of a 'beach' scene up here.
oh no! they got spongebob and patrick too!
here's a couple more for the retro hardware lovers: http://www.dans20thcenturyabandonwar...ssor-wp-80.jpg http://www.dans20thcenturyabandonwar...r-wp-2600q.jpg ...and one that's a little more recent:
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