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indians take too long to cook, and are tough and dry without a couple days of marinating.
i think you should go take a dump on your boss's desk, for being so insensitive to your dilemma.
happy thanksgiving! mmmm, waiting for turkey...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T i have a sneaking suspicion that any home equipment I own will never ever be used that's what keeps the home gym equipment industry afloat. ... I'm in the camp that believes grunting is kindof foolish. It serves little purpose other than to attract attention. In fact I suspect you run a greater risk of injuring yourself if you're grunting instead of breathing. You should never be holding your breath while...
Hm, apparently the cancellation was done by a group of executives, not Murdoch. Also apparently, Murdoch was in the know from the start, and either tacitly or explicitly greenlighted the project. I saw this report earlier today, can't remember the source. mad dog murdoch!
"Just following orders."
maybe check out some Airstream floorplans for inspiration: http://www.airstream.com/product_lin...eck_plans.html there's a bunch more if you click around. when thinking about minimizing space, most anything that can be built-in is going to take up less area than freestanding furniture. Also try to utilize/design multifunctional pieces - benches with built-in storage, horizontal surfaces that fold up into the wall when not in use (tables, ironing boards, beds),...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirk I think we can all do our part by swearing off 'babe' threads and pics like this: indeed. as soon as i'm finished drooling over this picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCsommerreid .... I'm not sure one would want to go to UCB as a 1st or 2nd year student, paying big money for mediocre undergrad general classes. .... I can vouch for this. My wife was a Teaching Assistant in grad school, for undergrad classes. She was pretty uniformly unimpressed (with a few exceptions, of course) with the quality of the students. I mean, come on. It's a big state school. Then again, maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube I wonder what kind of input our local News Corp. higher-up had in this matter? Surely he was a voice of reason saying quietly, but forthrightly, "Cancel. Cancel. Cancel." naw, i just think rupert was surfing the styleforum and noticed this thread.
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