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^^ You've got straight edge!
Those 'service boots' are going to be amazing! Very good call!
Oh, wow, that sounds cool! I never heard the term before. You'd be a brave man to put a black polish on your new White's! I guess it would it eventually fade away?
Yeah, I think they'll work well with the nylon laces too! They're a bounty hunter (so on a SD last) and they're 9 inches high - and have a raised heel. I specifically asked for the top five places as hooks, as a guess of where the mid-ankle would sit... In retrospect I could have gone one or two more hooks I think. I really like the dark brown too, though I hope they aren't quite as dark as the pic looks... I was actually hoping for a little less contrast... That 'black...
Yeah, no, that's black cherry water buffalo and dress brown. The brown looks black, I know. I'll get some more shots in different light when I get them in my hot little hands!
Got a pair of these bad boys enroute.
Just got my shipping notice from Bakers! From July 15 to today is a touch more than five weeks... Looks like things are getting busier again!
^ I thought CXL did much better with a liner?
Yeah, those ones. So do you think the round ones come with bounty hunters? From bakers? Whites?
OfOh, cool, thanks.I only ever saw those crappy flat laces that seem to come semi-dress from bakers. Or maybe the flat ones are from whites and your are a Baker's pair?My black cherry/brown dress will be here in a few weeks... Those are the laces I want with them!
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