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Wow, phantomx48, really nice! Can you give us a couple of different angles?
Thanks 4CharPersonally, I don't care who owns the manufacturing. I care just a little where they are made. I care about the quality a lot.Who thinks it's a good idea to get orders in now in case they do a Red Wing and start cutting costs in small places?
Louie, can you up pictures of your shoe trees? Now that is a collection I gotta see!
Yeah, but she's gotta let him show his boys on the internet at least a few days early! That navy gusset is going to be sweet. I wonder; does that count as your second leather for two-tone?
^ Yup, standard height. I'm not surprised you like the leather combo, it was your boots that inspired the design!
One aesthetic I love about these boots is how wide apart the rows of eyelets are... Here's a closer pic of this back shelf. Some people prefer that to be trimmed closer, but I like it as it is
^ I don't know the answer to either of the questions, sorry.
What would be cool would be either red dog bullhide or red dog rough out. It doesn't fit your 'more comfortable' criteria, but I think it would look boss.I think these oiled leather break in to be comfortable enough anyway, don't they?Maybe burgundy french calf or red milano water buffalo would fit well?
^ Those are F'n amazing! First pair I've yearned for too
Yeah, but I can't help but wonder how they would look with distressed roughout up front?
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