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I wish i had found leather and denim when i was 22!!
This CXL is off the chart thick! I've got blisters for the first time from whites! I also got this massive gouge, because i breathed on it too hard
Pretty much the only leather that doesn't need to be lined is the 'work' leather... Black, brown and red dog. There might be an exception here or there, but most all others require it, including bison. I recommend the black lining
Its amazing to me how much bigger, tougher and just more built-for-purpose the smokejumpers are compared to a bountyhunter or workboot. The smokejumper makes them seem like slippers! They're beyond boots - they're equipment. Complete overkill for waking around the city, but awesome anyway. I'm also surprised by the lined chromexcel. It is tough, thick stuff - it is going to require some break-in. I had thought it would be soft and pliable straight away, but nope.
Chromexcel 12 inch lacetotoe smokjejumpers and pointed-toe packers in bullhide and water-buffalo (size 4.5C).I originally ordered a 3 tone bullhide bountyhunter, but about two months in, the factory said they didn't have any more of the aztec bullhide (they seem to have changed their whole BH range?) So i changed to the smokejumper. The packer took a little longer because they special built the heel to fit my wife smaller ankles. But also, each time they make a mistake and...
5 months! It took 5 months but finally my order arrived. Smokejumpers for me and packers for the Mrs.
It's very, very good
They're too big for the wearer so they look odd... Plus the angle is weird. It looks like a lowered heel to me.
It's the undyed core that is the give away. That dress brown is hard to pick though! Sometimes brown, sometimes black.
I think that's brown CXL... Like this? These are dress brown single sole :
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