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Ha ha, I'm waiting for unicorn hide semidress, with laces wound from the wings of virgin fairies. But seriously, i do have an order for two pair in. Hoping to get em for Christmas... @Jrosenthal - I'm wanting a pair on the swing last, but Kyle recommends against it. Can you tell me, other than the wide toe box, how is the shape through the foot? How wide is it in the heel and through to the ball? You do have a pair, right? Or have I got confused?
Brian, any update on these beauties??
I LOVE the lace to toe smokejumper!What size are they?
Yeah, really nice linafelt - what last is it?
I have two pair that are lined. I just wonder what the sensation would be like without it. I find the lined pairs to be quite smooth and slippery, which is not necessarily an advantage... I guess that an unlined pair would have a feeling of a more rugged working boot, which could be quite satisfying.
Hi Guys Can I have some advice about lining? With leathers that don't require a lining, what are the general advantages and disadvantages of lining? What are the fit and feel characteristics, particularly of an unlined pair versus a lined pair? Thanks!
This is a question from a man who is about to get boots that don't fit right!Please, measure your feet and send the numbers to orders@bakershoe.com. They will tell you how big your foot is in relation to the lasts that Whites use.It's a good question Beane, but people with experience with Whites will understand me when i ask, really, what does true to size even mean in this context? The lasts that boots like Whites use bear such little resembalance to the numbers...
Thanks for the input peeps. I've decided to go with the yellow backstsay and toecap... We'll see... Edit: the two leathers I've liked the most from the samples I've got; black bison and red dog bullhide. The black bison is the softest and thickest they have.
Hi @Warpiper! Don't White's have a guaranteed fit policy? Or is that only Baker's? Why don't you ask them?
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