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Voyager leather (waterproof) is pebbled. There is also a french calf pebbled...
I just got a massive pile of samples, which had every leather them have except harvest, the one I wanted! I'm thinking it would be good with distressed!
How about the harvest leather?
I understand that. All I'll say is that I don't enjoy this thread like I did before Louie entered, and that makes me a less engaged member of the community. Without engaged community members, styleforum wouldn't work.Thanks!
Thanks!I have a pair of beckmans, so that's a good measure... they are very low in the heel, but very comfy too!Now I'm really in two minds - I think I like the aesthetic of the lowered heel better, but I don't want to make the boot uncomfortable and throw off the balance. I guess that White's wouldn't offer a lowered heel if it was a big problem though...
I'm thinking about lowering a 'block' heel. Is that what you mean?Can you tell me a bit about the feel, comfort, functionality and aesthetic?Does it not cause the problems that James describes (above) with the cuban heel?Cheers!
^ why do you recommend wesco's over whites for womens packers?
^^ I really prefer 10 inch boots. I find them more comfortable and supportive, and I like the way you can see the leather extends up my leg under my trouser if I cross my legs Having said that, they are a bitch to do up - forget a tall boot with hooks and leather laces - way to troublsome!
@cwmi Hey man, could you post some updated pics of your wife's boots? My wife is planning and pair and she's been checking those out...They're packers, right?
They look sweet, got any other photos?
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