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I got word from white's today; they are out of stock of the mustang Bullhide. Actually, they just said they don't have it, so whether it is gone permanently or not i don't know. In any case, i have to change my order. I was getting a three tone bounty hunter with a soft toe and toe cap. I still want that build, but for now I'm changing it to 12 inch lace to toe smokejumpers with double midsoles, made from brown and #8 chromexcel
James, what's the number of the Oxford last your white's use?
It is black, and lightens. The first underlayer is almost purple.
I'd second the call to try the regular heel height if possible. As nature intended
Those zombie/snow apocalypse boots have changed my life. I'm going to leave my wife and join a monastery. Are they B width? @Tmchow, great idea! I hope you can get it going... And I'll be right here drinking beer on the couch to till you get it done!! Here are some photos of how water buffalo fades... It losses color quite fast. The other thing is, it squeaks like heck! Its not super clear in my crappy photos... But notice the rolled top in the first photo. The...
Those Snowpocalypse booots are awesome!!!!!
^ I only just got my sizing confirmed... I'm not sure if I the middle of the queue or back.. Can't wait to see my three tone babies!!
The other thing is @ericlp, White's boots fit so much better than cheaper brands, the weight is not a big issue... they stick to your feet tighter and don't feel heavy on foot.
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