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Doesn't mention jeans anywhere... just raw denim. Go ahead an consider your raw denim panties if you like too
So you didn't answer in the end? :P
I know, good point. There are a number of complicating factors like that - another is people that can't wear their denim because of work. Just go ahead and answer with your heart - god will judge all of us in the end.
LOL, why do you think I'm a cop? I want to cop [raw denim]. Does that count? For the record, this is not entrapment, I am not a cop! I'm a student I'm not even sure what I could be entrapping people for!
Hi Would anyone mind posting Ande's measurement chart and fit guide? I live in China and whatever host he uses for his images seems to be blocked by the great firewall. Thanks a bunch! And go Ande!
Hi I'm doing a master degree, part of which is a study related to raw denim. Please be kind enough to participate in this survey. Please read the question carefully! If you don't wear raw denim at least 3 days per week, please don't vote. I'm trying to poll only people who wear raw denim regularly. Thanks for your help!
Quote: Originally Posted by abcdenim check this out, has everything from history of jeans, to anatomy of jeans, to washes/care. The glossary has the terms your looking for. Hope this helps! http://www.oki-ni.com/page/technical...-AW&attr=88347 Awesome, thanks abcd!
Hi guys Is there like a wiki or a thread or some kinda website that has a glossary of all the denim terms? Things like LHT, RHT, cone mill, weft, calendared, unsigned, wige, rope dyed, poly-core, ring spun, etc, etc. Thanks!
Thought you guys might be interested in a brand you might not know - "Hardly Ever's", or HE75 as they are also known. They are a Hong Kong label, maid in Canton. I bought these in Beijing for 650 Chinese yuan, about 100 USD. The cardboard label on them wanked on about how they were developed after countless hours of testing for washability and how the dude that designs them reckons they are the best denim ever so shut the fuck up. I couldn't figure if they were...
[Warning, copious denim porn below. May not be suitable for those owning Louis Vuitton jeans] Long time reader, first time poster! I bought these jeans in Fuzhou China, for 120 Chinese Yuan [about 20 USD]. I'm not convinced that they are real Supreme. Firstly the price. Second they were available in S, M, L or XL. Thirdly they had a cheap red cardboard attachment that said "FUCK YOU, BITCH" on it, and was held on by an even cheaper plastic dongle. And, I bought...
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