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Yeah, but she's gotta let him show his boys on the internet at least a few days early! That navy gusset is going to be sweet. I wonder; does that count as your second leather for two-tone?
^ Yup, standard height. I'm not surprised you like the leather combo, it was your boots that inspired the design!
One aesthetic I love about these boots is how wide apart the rows of eyelets are... Here's a closer pic of this back shelf. Some people prefer that to be trimmed closer, but I like it as it is
^ I don't know the answer to either of the questions, sorry.
What would be cool would be either red dog bullhide or red dog rough out. It doesn't fit your 'more comfortable' criteria, but I think it would look boss.I think these oiled leather break in to be comfortable enough anyway, don't they?Maybe burgundy french calf or red milano water buffalo would fit well?
^ Those are F'n amazing! First pair I've yearned for too
Yeah, but I can't help but wonder how they would look with distressed roughout up front?
I don't, but I am not a fan of the block heel, so I'm biased.In other news, I'm thinking of getting a raised heel in my next pair; how do you like THEM apples?
^ This.But it is testament to the precision of the process that this is true but doesn't drastically effect build quality.Like a master marketing man you're slowly getting me through subconscious osmosis, Louie. I'm not convinced about this three sole semi dress of yours though..."...Must buy blue and white shoe grease..."
Interesting there are three of us here with about the same size foot! Do I see a boot swap circle going on!!??That's cool that you can swap between the two sizes to tailor your look, but I have to ask; wouldn't it be better to get the 'right' size each time? What is that right size? I have Red Wings in 9D and they cut up the back of my foot.Yeah, for better or worse I always wear thin cotton socks, so those measurements are with socks. But the socks are about as thin as...
New Posts  All Forums: