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Thanks for the input peeps. I've decided to go with the yellow backstsay and toecap... We'll see... Edit: the two leathers I've liked the most from the samples I've got; black bison and red dog bullhide. The black bison is the softest and thickest they have.
Hi @Warpiper! Don't White's have a guaranteed fit policy? Or is that only Baker's? Why don't you ask them?
Thanks for that feedback CityofChamps! I made them up on buildaboot too, but could never get the picture to show. It does look here like the back stay is weird; is it based on this that you recommended against it? Or something else?Does anyone else want to advise on the build before I confirm it? I'm easily influenced and have unhealthy respect for authority, so now's the time!
I just requested Kyle to request it
I'm pretty sure this is Louie again. Set to ignore. Louies Dead, loing live Louie! But seriously, this is great news. The best thing about this thread is how polite and helpful everyone is, so go us!Just pulled the trigger on two new pair, one for me, one for the wife. I'm just finalising the details with Bakers, but it should be something very like;Dress packer on the 795 last. Raised cuban heel and half sole, brown midsole with close trim, dark brown water buffalo vamp...
Voyager leather (waterproof) is pebbled. There is also a french calf pebbled...
I just got a massive pile of samples, which had every leather them have except harvest, the one I wanted! I'm thinking it would be good with distressed!
How about the harvest leather?
I understand that. All I'll say is that I don't enjoy this thread like I did before Louie entered, and that makes me a less engaged member of the community. Without engaged community members, styleforum wouldn't work.Thanks!
Thanks!I have a pair of beckmans, so that's a good measure... they are very low in the heel, but very comfy too!Now I'm really in two minds - I think I like the aesthetic of the lowered heel better, but I don't want to make the boot uncomfortable and throw off the balance. I guess that White's wouldn't offer a lowered heel if it was a big problem though...
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