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^ excellent work! Good on you! Man I remember how confused I was when I started learning about how to order... A guide like this would have been priceless!
Wow, phantomx48, really nice! Can you give us a couple of different angles?
Thanks 4CharPersonally, I don't care who owns the manufacturing. I care just a little where they are made. I care about the quality a lot.Who thinks it's a good idea to get orders in now in case they do a Red Wing and start cutting costs in small places?
Louie, can you up pictures of your shoe trees? Now that is a collection I gotta see!
Yeah, but she's gotta let him show his boys on the internet at least a few days early! That navy gusset is going to be sweet. I wonder; does that count as your second leather for two-tone?
^ Yup, standard height. I'm not surprised you like the leather combo, it was your boots that inspired the design!
One aesthetic I love about these boots is how wide apart the rows of eyelets are... Here's a closer pic of this back shelf. Some people prefer that to be trimmed closer, but I like it as it is
^ I don't know the answer to either of the questions, sorry.
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