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It's very, very good
They're too big for the wearer so they look odd... Plus the angle is weird. It looks like a lowered heel to me.
It's the undyed core that is the give away. That dress brown is hard to pick though! Sometimes brown, sometimes black.
I think that's brown CXL... Like this? These are dress brown single sole :
My buffalo is not much like either of those two... They both look AMAZING!
They're a classic workboot in brown buffalo with a brown roughout vamp
Dress brown and black cherry water buffalo
I got word from white's today; they are out of stock of the mustang Bullhide. Actually, they just said they don't have it, so whether it is gone permanently or not i don't know. In any case, i have to change my order. I was getting a three tone bounty hunter with a soft toe and toe cap. I still want that build, but for now I'm changing it to 12 inch lace to toe smokejumpers with double midsoles, made from brown and #8 chromexcel
New Posts  All Forums: