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The other thing is @ericlp, White's boots fit so much better than cheaper brands, the weight is not a big issue... they stick to your feet tighter and don't feel heavy on foot.
They're cool huh? They belong to @Brian Itzania, who hasn't been around for a while. And, sorry, they are 12 inch...
Yeah, I'm just looking at the White's catalogue here, and it says that White's boots are made with 7-8oz leather, while the hathon boots in the same catalogue are made with 6-7 oz leather. I guess some hides are naturally thicker than others, and Horween tans them all, then sells the heavier ones as a higher price, and that they are 'better' quality.These are 14 inches
Hi Tmchow A last does effect the shape of the toe, in that a last includes the shape of the toe. However it is possible to put different toes on different lasts, in cases where those variations are already available. One example of this is with the dress packer White's offers - that last (795 last) can be fitted with a regular or pointed toe. The rest of the last (arch, heel, etc) would be the same. Also, steel toes tend to be slightly higher, and maybe a double celastic...
Oh, so nicks doesn't use Horween leather?
Those I linked are White's moongrey bullhide... What do you mean 'their version' of chromexcel? Is it not chromexcel?
Yeah, they're chromexcel huh? Gee, I'm really starting to come around to this chromexcel! I'm planning a pair of 14 inch lace-to-toe smokejumpers, and I'm thinking, because I wouldn't do any 'real' work in them, chromexcel would be a much better choice than work leather. More comfortable, more dressy and eye-popping, more rich and deep in colour, easier to break in and quicker to take on a worn look (rather than the year it would take with the work leathers). Why do...
I have some bounty hunters in bullhide with a toe cap and soft toe coming in 8 weeks or so... I'll up pics then. The real trick will be when they age and the toe starts to collapse, like on these ones. Cool. I wonder if @mystlawer can post some more updates of his?
^^ I don't think those are soft toe...?
One off colors? That's the first I've heard of this!
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