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Does hardcore and White's mesh? I think that's more doc martens isn't it?
^^ You've got straight edge!
Those 'service boots' are going to be amazing! Very good call!
Oh, wow, that sounds cool! I never heard the term before. You'd be a brave man to put a black polish on your new White's! I guess it would it eventually fade away?
Yeah, I think they'll work well with the nylon laces too! They're a bounty hunter (so on a SD last) and they're 9 inches high - and have a raised heel. I specifically asked for the top five places as hooks, as a guess of where the mid-ankle would sit... In retrospect I could have gone one or two more hooks I think. I really like the dark brown too, though I hope they aren't quite as dark as the pic looks... I was actually hoping for a little less contrast... That 'black...
Yeah, no, that's black cherry water buffalo and dress brown. The brown looks black, I know. I'll get some more shots in different light when I get them in my hot little hands!
Got a pair of these bad boys enroute.
Just got my shipping notice from Bakers! From July 15 to today is a touch more than five weeks... Looks like things are getting busier again!
^ I thought CXL did much better with a liner?
Yeah, those ones. So do you think the round ones come with bounty hunters? From bakers? Whites?
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