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It's that time of year again, I'm looking for some kind of winter coat (preferably wool + down) in order to get me through Toronto winters. I live north of the actual city so its a bit colder, much windier and snowier up here. So far I have found http://www.canada-goose.com/products-2/new-fallwinter-2011/como-parka/ and looked at Moncler, saw nothing of note. I really like the CG Como, and am essentially looking for a slim-fitting jacket with a wool shell and down...
http://www.canada-goose.com/products-2/new-fallwinter-2011/como-parka/ - $1295 To kop or not to kop? Anything similar out there that you guys have seen?
I already have the W+H, and have been eyeing some Rafstros or Vandals, but I can't find anywhere that ships the sneakers to Canada for a digestible price. All I've seen is a few websites hawking them upwards of $700...Where can I even find em?
Blanc & noir hightop black sneakers - 395 http://www.blancandnoir.com/shop.php?i=90 To kop or not to kop
Blanc & noir sneakers for $395, to kop or not to kop? http://www.blancandnoir.com/shop.php?i=90
Blanc & Noir Sneakers $395 debating whether or not to kop http://www.blancandnoir.com/shop.php?i=90
^ thats still like $160 bro... $15 isnt a game changer in a purchase like this, however over $100 is. L2math
Hi, I'm 5' 10", 125 lbs. ATM, I'm having much difficulty finding a brand that would fit my measurements. My shoulders are 17.5", 35" chest, 28" waist and 25.5" sleeve length Is there anything out there that will fit me or do I have to get MTM? Price is not an issue as long as it is reasonable to pay. (Nothing >300 a shirt lol)
Yep, screw Canada, a brother from Toronto here... Its cold and overpriced
Personally would not wear, but would definitely look nice with matching clothes
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