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I'm eyeing that one as well. Can you report back on sizing? The workshirts from this past SS were a bit long in the sleeves for me. If roomier in the chest i'll probably go down to a L from XL for this shirt.
Was ready to buy a pair of the grey oxford USN pants after seeing your picture with them Shingles. Drinkwaters was sold out in my size, and jack straw was the place Nepenthes suggested i try. After Canstyleace posted about themensmarket sale i found them there for $120 (~$140 shipped). Fantastic pants for the summer. Wanted to say thanks! Wouldn't have known about them for one, and would have paid full price if it wasn't for this board.
Well that sucks. I bought a 19th century BD on friday and was charged $18 shipping. Oh well, should have waited for Sat. i guess.
Does anyone have that reversible bal coat that can comment on sizing? For reference the SS13 bedford fits me perfectly and the FW12 herringbone baker is just a tad big (both in XL)
Does anyone have pics of the handgrade penny loafers? They look nice on the site, but i'm curious what they look like in the wild.
Damnit i didn't really want anything from this FW until i saw that reversible bal coat. How much is that? Around what temperature would it be good down to?
I have those same ghurka's (size 36) and love them, super comfortable. For reference i wear a large size workaday fatigue. The ghurka's leg is a tad slimmer than the workaday fatigue.
awesome deal. I'd be all over it if it was my size, but i normally wear an XL in EG :-(. On the off chance it might fit though what's the shoulder and p2p measurement?
I think it sold out pretty quickly after chestercopperpots post. I was able to purchase one but it was sold out the next day.
Thanks for the heads up. Picked up a navy bedford for ~200 shipped. Excited for my first bedford.
New Posts  All Forums: