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anyone have a line on the navy java cloth dayton shirt? I believe it was Japan only. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGiadFFDd9C/?taken-by=engineered_garments_tokyo&hl=en
yeah i called and spoke to him. He offered expedited delivery but it wouldn't have mattered since UPS was so backed up anyway. I think it's just a byproduct of their sudden popularity and i'm sure things will get ironed out when they move over to doing pre-made boots with limited MTO. Not a big deal, just wish the timing had worked out better is all. I should be getting them today at least!
I'm at week 12 and still haven't gotten them. Granted they shipped around week 11.5 but with the massive snow storm in the DC area UPS hasn't gotten around to delivering them yet. I was also quoted 6 weeks, so roughly double the quoted time. I feel like they should throw in something to make up for it.... free next day shipping or a small discount on future orders? Dunno. Ordered them the beginning of November to use in snow... get record snow in DC 10 weeks later and...
@Drinkwaters Does the homespun fabric have a bit of stretch to it? I'm more curious about the fatigue pants than the bedford.
For those of you getting your boots now, how long did it take? Ordered mine about 8 weeks ago, hoping i'll get them soon.
Anyone purchase the fatigue pants this season? Were they slimmer than FW14's fatigues? The leg opening looks smaller. Thanks!
Hey @AlexanderTG did they tell you what shoes those are? Or can someone here illuminate me? I've been looking for a comfortable pair of slip ons.
For those of you with andovers, i was just wondering, do you tailor them so the sleeves fit properly like a suit. Or do you leave them a tad bit longer so you can roll them with the sleeve buttons unbuttoned if you want.
How do you like that jacket? Also how does it fit in comparison to the bedford this season? I have the matching pants which are fantastic and have been mulling if i should complete the suit w/ the jacket. I found the bedford to be a bit short for me this season though... Oh and i also think the color combination you've got works great.
New Posts  All Forums: