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The JW thread got me thinking about the great drinkers of today. Christopher Hitchens might be one. There is something about the British that allow them to imbibe huge quantities of booze and still remain coherent and compelling even. I wonder if dedicated drinkers are drinking all day, and it becomes like breathing? Or what? I've only noticed the British to succeed at appearing 100% lucid and still have massive amounts of booze in the bloodstream.
My friends who live in the tobacco states are lucky. The Carolinas have major brands for what? Less than US$2?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 There’s just no evidence that the large majority of Americans had any interest in yellow pants with ducks or madras jackets. The most interesting part of your post, to my mind, is the part I'm neglecting to respond to or cite. Because it takes more thought than I want to give to it at this hour. But, two things: I think those go-to-hell pants have always been in the minority, even among trads. Second: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 The 1950s are trickier. There was unquestionably an Ivy League style, but it was equally unquestionably constrained to the Ivy League students (10,000 or so at any one time) and their families/social circles I clipped your post -- so the qualification after that isn't included above, but one suggestion: I'm guessing that the Ivy League style had also migrated outside of the Ivy League by this time. It...
I prefer the typewriter to the word-processor for a lot of letters and quick notes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast For me, this argument really boils down to what you see the role the waiting staff as: are they a friendly guide through your meal - part of the experience of eating out; or are they there to be invisible through your meal, food and drink appearing as if by magic, though perfectly capable of answering questions if you have them. Good point. I prefer the second way. And so do the several friends of mine...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe lol, just too funny! a,d, and f are just great. if i were a waiter cant imagine how anyone would find that i am a fellow human as well. i bet your abrasive,snobby self attitude and outlook carries to other aspects of your interpersonal relations in life! I think we should try to separate KP's complaints from his treatment of the waiter himself. I'm sure he's polite.
Quote: Originally Posted by tangerine notes to Horace: Interesting point about calling the waiter sir, but it is usually not advisable if your waitperson is female. What do you do in this (frequent) instance? Usually "madam" or sometimes "Miss". Depending. I try to suss whether the young woman (if she is) will be offended by Miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by aybojs I mean, seriously, what sane person interprets someone using a perfectly normal colloquial word as a classist insult I don't know that a sane person would interpret it that way. [emoticon of your choice]. Quote: (guess what, this is America, we don't deal with silly titles of nobility... we are all commoners here)? Don't want to turn this one into a political thread -- but...
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ I wonder, with such an extensive list of seemingly never ending pet peeves and annoyances, whether you've ever had a pleasurable dining experience. I like KP's lists. In fact, I can't think of a post he's written that I have found interesting.
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