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haha, we saw the same place.we also saw a place in London that would never fly in Australia....
far from it, just don't go through US border security with one on :D
yep, on a floor of about 70 staff (wild guess, NFI the exact figure), there's 6 of us here....Would have taken the day off, except I'm taking Friday, and all of next week off to move house.
I'd say the hair on the guy you were walking with would have protected anyone within about a 5 metre radius
Spotted Tarang/TheBrownMan crossing Flinders Street at the corner of Queen St this morning (I was in the car)
There's a Gerry Nelson pictured in the Herald Sun today, is it our esteemed colleague?
we were having a laugh at work the other day because I was wearing the same suit and tie that I have on in the photo on my ID badge.... I started there in March '05. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not
If they're not made by them, there's certainly a very strong link there. I got a couple of the BB shirts at the last R&B warehouse sale.
back on Charlie Pickering, this was just posted on Twitter...
typo of the week
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