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i'd go white shirt , and then a more muted/summer colored tie (the sand one u speak of seems like a better idea)
Simple question, I want something with a good hold that isn't too full of chemicals and damaging to my hair, preferably something natural and inexpensive, but anything you all deem worth it will be brought under consideration My hair is similar to this (maybe slightly less crunchy, and it can be longer at times and therefore more slicked back): thanks for your help.
Sounds like a dream job! Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Ah, The Reverend Father Bown. he is not indicative of anything either. Simply acquires decent clothes at cheap or no cost in the basis that tailors etc are conned into believing his web site is relevant in decision making.
OK I think I got it ! Is it because they're supposed to be cat gut? and not leather?!
If you haven't the time to try online and would rather go instore. I have had some decent luck with Bachrach . It used to be hideous urban wear but after being rebought from bankruptcy in the past year the parc 33 line they offer has a slim silhouette and fit me better off the rack than the hugo boss and hickey suits i tried on earlier in the day. the prices are quite modest 200-300 for a wool fused suit, but definitley worth it for the fit and little tailoring needed. pm...
maybe i'm an amateur too, but why the face palm? these leathers shouldn't match, or it shouldn't matter because it's underwear? Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106
agreeddddd those are some pretty mother chukkas!
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