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Junghans Max Bill Automatic or Chronoscope - if you can find one vintage it might be right outside your $700 range. Otherwise I really like the Seiko 5 and Citizen Eco Drive BM8180 - with leather Nato straps
N00B here. Just curious if these second hand shoes are worth it. They say Made in America on the rubber soles. They look maybe Corodovan / Leather. No manufacturer or anything listed. Can these look better with some creams or is the hide toast?
N00B here. I thought I got a score on these, but now i'm unsure. I paid $20, because i needed them in a jam but any idea what these shoes are? They say Made in America on the rubber bottoms. They look maybe Corodovan / Leather. I believe they are a 9.5 and might be snug on me if anyone else is interested in swaps or buy after they're identified. No manufacturer or anything listed - I might cross post over on the main forums for help, just curious what workmanship and...
Looking for a Navy, Black, Gray or Camel color Duffle coat (Toggle coat). Want longer style , in size 36 or 38. Name the lowest price with CONUS shipping. The faster the pictures come in the faster I paypal (need a jacket asap). THANKS!
I always thought tonal was like a lighter blue stripe. But it makes sense. Yes it is kind of slick. have you seen any good examples of it being pulled off well? thanks!
I was interested in buying a navy suit with this pattern, it is almost like a normal pinstripe suit however the stripes are the same color wool as the rest of the suit just a little shinier. Is it still in style? Would you wear it? Has anyone seen a good example of suits like this? I Is it called a shadow stripe or self stripe or something else? What kind of shirts and ties would you wear with it, is it treated any different than a normal pin stripe navy suit?
I want to get rid of this suit fast as I need to buy a new one for upcoming events and hoping to fund that with this. If anybody wants to trade with a new 36R or Very Slim 38R Navy Suit I might be interested. This suit is a refined 3 button stance 40R Jacket the Pants are a 32 x34 both with tags. This is less than 1/2 of what I paid. I'm willing to hear offers and take serious measurements for interested parties.
If memory recalls both Zara and Topman had a line of plaid blazers recently. I think this was one of them:
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