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Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 IC, it is nice to see people like you interested in classic clothing at your age After a while you will be better at it, good luck man Thank you. Unfortunately, at my age it is pretty difficult to afford high quality, tailor-made clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 But seriously do you dress like that to school? No, I never dress like that to school. I've just been experimenting with different outfits.
nothing fancy...
I love to photograph nature with my Nikon D40....these were taken with a 70-210mm lens.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Cream might be lovely. Light grey perhaps. Tan probably not. Perhaps I'll look for some lighter trousers then. I do have some grey ones. Thanks!
Is it possible to wear a tie with a black dress shirt? And what about a black dress shirt with pinstripes? If so, what color/pattern would you wear? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Close, but not quite, matching always looks horrible. Try not to wear all these different pinstripes/shades of grey together. What pants would you reccommend?
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Glad to see some shirt sleeves. This one is a bit better fit for you, although still roomy. Does it look any good with just the middle button buttoned? Have you thought of trying a pocket square with that? The pants do not go at all with this jacket, I'm afraid, not to mention the legs are far too wide for you. I assume the jacket was part of a suit... if you're going to wear it as an odd jacket (i.e. without the...
I'm currently wearing an Oscar De La Renta jacket...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chairman_Liu Great to see that I'm not the only younger person who does not dread wearing suits. I'd say perhaps reverse the shirt/tie color and consider a square. Haha, there are very few of us...that's for sure. If only younger people would learn to dress better...Are there any pictures here of your suits?
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