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8.5 Cigar Shell
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Well, it looks like I paid a little extra cos of another forum member recognizing this shoe also, eh Henry Boogers?....Still not bad as the shipping is only $7, and pics of the sole sent to me were barely used. I would say maybe worn 5 to 10 times max. What do you think? It slipped under the radar cos no mention of origins of shoe I...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Do you reckon if you could fit an 11D in vintage Kenmoors you would get away with an 11.5C or would you need to stretch'em? Working on the old "go up a size" idea for fitting shoes. I've gotten away with C width Kenmoors, and have actually worn a B width though it was a little uncomfortable. I get the impression that the run a little roomy, or at least true to width; I haven't seen any that I would...
Thanks, the AEClassics site is down, so I can't see what shoes are on the 4....but I think these may be a little too big for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkoak Allen Edmonds double monk dark brown suede, size 10.5D. Worn once. $125 shipped continental US. How do these fit relative to other AE models? I've worn just about every AE so any comparison will do.
Vintage 11.5C Kenmoors in brown pebble. Brand new.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris I can't believe someone hasn't hit the BIN... I'm debating. I would think I could recoup my $$ if they don't fit wouldn't you think?
Sold pending payment.
SOLD These are in queue for Ebay, but I thought I would offer them here first. I'm not familiar with Pidalian conversion but these have very little wear on them as you can see from my crappy late night flash photography. I found this shoe rather sleek for AE, but also pretty true to the 10D sizing so they are a little too small for me (I wear 10.5 Chester and a 10 Park Ave for reference). The color is listed as burgundy, but I included a picture next to a pair of...
These are new and look to be vintage J&M's from the 'President's Collection', with which I am not familiar. Does anyone know if these will be calf rather than CG? 7 hours left w/o any bids and the opening is at $15....
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