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God gave me two hands for a reason...
Your piano is shiny, you should antique it a little too.
I don't currently wear brown shoes with jeans, but what do the jean experts here feel about this shoe worn in such a manner?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday You should try stripping them. There's a much nicer shoe underneath. Mine don't feel bad on the feet at all -- at least no worse than other vintage U.S. made shoes I've tried. I sold mine without wearing them, so I can't speak to the experience (I hope the buyer is enjoying them, at least), but here is my post on the quick and easy method of stripping these and building them back up again.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I highly doubt they are shell with vinyl soles. Just recently DocHolliday and a bunch of guys bought some Keith Highlanders. Do a search, they looked very much like these. Yeah, I bought those as well. I don't really think these are shell, I was just being a wise-ass in light of our previous feeding frenzy.
These bitches are too small for me. 9.99 opening bid and a liberal interpretation of the term 'spectator'. Zegna 9D's....
Okay, these don't look to be pebble grain. Who's going to buy one and see if they're shell?
8.5 Cigar Shell
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Well, it looks like I paid a little extra cos of another forum member recognizing this shoe also, eh Henry Boogers?....Still not bad as the shipping is only $7, and pics of the sole sent to me were barely used. I would say maybe worn 5 to 10 times max. What do you think? It slipped under the radar cos no mention of origins of shoe I...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Do you reckon if you could fit an 11D in vintage Kenmoors you would get away with an 11.5C or would you need to stretch'em? Working on the old "go up a size" idea for fitting shoes. I've gotten away with C width Kenmoors, and have actually worn a B width though it was a little uncomfortable. I get the impression that the run a little roomy, or at least true to width; I haven't seen any that I would...
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